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医美界的神奇烫斗—Tixel 提可塑

毛孔粗大,皱纹,痘疤,细纹,一烫就平,统统没问题! Tixel提可塑采用一种钛合金将热能以点阵的方式来完成皮肤修复的一种治疗。它并非镭射也非RF电波,透过这块由多个微小金字塔组成的钛金属片将热能传导至真皮层,以产生剥离微孔或非剥离凝结状态。

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医美界的皮秒大神 PicoSure 755 蜂巢

皮秒镭射在近年风靡全球,许多医美诊所都纷纷引进皮秒镭射仪器就连大马也不例外。皮秒镭射(Picosecond laser) 与一般美容院所使用的净肤镭射或奈米 (Q-Switch/Nanosecond laser) 有什么不同?

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Blog - sculpsure tighten 4

Does SculpSure Tighten Skin?

Does SculpSure Tighten Skin? Most common worries by any individual that goes through a treatment that requires fat loss is whether their skin become saggy

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Blog - sculpsure PJ KL 5

Is SculpSure Permanent?

Is SculpSure Permanent? Getting rid of stubborn fat is challenging. Many control their food intake, pursue a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly yet there are

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Can Ellanse Be Dissolved?

Can Ellanse Be Dissolved? Some patients may wish to change the after-result of a dermal filler procedure. This could be due to dissatisfaction of the

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