EMSculpt NEO Treatment (First Provider in Malaysia)

We are the Number One clinic for Body Contouring in Malaysia for the ELEVENTH consecutive year!

Being the Global Key Opinion Leader in Asia Pacific Region, and the first EMSculpt NEO provider in Malaysia, our team consists of highly experienced Body Contouring Specialists with great attention to detail in performing all kind of body contouring treatments that available in our clinics. These are key to successful treatment outcomes. 

EMSculpt NEO:

Builds muscle and burn fat in ONE treatment with zero downtime

Reduce Fat & Build Muscle in a Faster Way

Reducing fat + building muscle is an ongoing battle for a majority of people. You work hard at your exercise routine and watch your diet, but you may still have areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Or perhaps, as we age, this process seems to get more difficult due to a slowing metabolism, and the stress of all that life demands. If you are ready for a breakthrough in your battle to reduce fat and build muscle, then EMSculpt NEO may be ideal for you.

What is EMSculpt NEO?

As the original EMSculpt utilising HIFEM energy becomes famous and beloved for, we now have the ground-breaking technology called EMSculpt NEO, combining HIFEM + Radiofrequency (RF) to simultaneously treat your body in a 30-minute treatment, creating a permanent fat loss, while increasing muscle growth. This deep stimulation allows the treatment to challenge muscle contraction and development in a manner that is not possible through mere voluntary exercises.

Benefits of EMSculpt NEO

  • Precise control over fat burning & muscle building
  • Each treatment takes only 30 minute
  •  Suitable for individuals with BMI up to 35
  • Noticeable results
  • Non-invasive, no recovery, no downtime

EMSculpt Neo Mommy Makeover Programme

This programme is to helps women who suffering from post-pregnancy diastasis recti. Some women find their stomach muscles weaken after pregnancy. Also known as “diastasis recti”, an estimated 1 in 2 (that’s 50%!) women experience this condition postpartum.

Clique Clinic has conducted a study of combination treatment of EMSculpt Neo rebuild the core muscle inside out. 

Backed by Scientific Evidence

Seven independent clinical studies have proved how EMSculpt NEO generates a higher percentage of fat loss. Measurements on CT, MRI and Ultrasound show actual fat cell death, with an average patients seeing a 25% increase in muscle and 30% decrease in fat one month following completion of a series of 4-6 treatments. With its ability to produce results across most body types, EMSculpt NEO has the potential to ultimately save you money to redefine and recontour your body. You can maximise your muscle mass and reduce your fat in one simple non-invasive way, with zero downtime.

EMSculpt NEO Avoids Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, you have probably heard that strengthening core muscles can bring you some relief. Studies have shown that specific core exercises are not any more beneficial than other general exercises for low back pain. You may book a consult with our doctors to discuss how EMSculpt NEO could help in your back pain. 

EMSculpt Neo Before & After

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EMSculpt NEO is an excellent treatment option for men and women with a BMI up to 35 who wish to eliminate fat and build muscle mass. However, patients with certain medical issues may not be candidates for this procedure. Please consult our doctors.

EMSculpt NEO burns your fat and increase muscle growth at your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves. Both men and women can receive EMSculpt treatment to achieve more defined muscles and reduced fat in these areas.

The fat reduction is permanent as long as the patient maintains his/her weight. The gains in muscle mass should be supported by touch-up treatments and/or a workout routine.

Every individual varies, with some noticing changes as early as within a day or two. Most people see a dramatic difference in about one month, with maximum effect at 6 weeks. Your muscle requires some time to build, and fat cells need time to be metabolised, just like they do with exercise.

You may experience a sensation of muscle soreness after your treatment. It is possible for some patients to feel fatigue, similar to after a strenuous workout. After a regular workout, lactic acid builds up in the muscles and creates soreness for many individuals. EMSculpt NEO facilitates muscle contractions to clear lactic acid from the muscles and prevent excessive muscle soreness.

EMSculpt NEO uses a combination of RF energy and HIFEM technology to induce muscle contractions and heat. This dual-action process helps break down fat cells while building muscle. Thus, there will be improved muscle tone and reduced fat in the targeted area.

The cost of EMSculpt treatments can vary based on several factors, such as the number of sessions needed and the area being treated. Please consult our clinicians for specific pricing information tailored to your needs and goals.

EMSculpt NEO is a suitable option for individuals who want to tone and sculpt their bodies without surgery. It can be effective for reducing fat and building muscles in targeted areas, thus helping one to achieve a more contoured physique.
Some individuals may notice improvements after a single session. However, your clinician will probably recommended a series of treatment sessions for optimal results. The exact number of sessions required can vary depending on individual goals and the area being treated. Our clinicians will discuss a customised treatment plan during the initial consultation.
EMS body sculpting is generally suitable for healthy individuals who want to improve muscle tone and reduce fat in specific areas. However, It may not be recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions or those with metal or electronic implants in the treatment area.

Yes, this body-shaping treatment is effective in reducing fat and building muscle in targeted areas.

EMSculpt NEO can last for several months to years, depending on individual factors such as lifestyle, exercise regimen, and maintenance sessions. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help prolong and maximise the results from your EMSculpt treatments.

EMSculpt treatment can be effective for reducing fat and improving muscle tone in various body areas, including the abdomen. It can help tone the muscles and decrease fat in the abdominal region, contributing to a more sculpted appearance.

EMSculpt treatment and liposuction are procedures that target fat reduction. The difference is that EMSculpt NEO uses non-invasive technology to reduce fat and build muscle, while liposuction is a surgery that removes fat cells directly. 

Choosing between EMSculpt NEO and lipo depends on individual preferences, goals, and the desired level of invasiveness. Those seeking a non-surgical option with no downtime may prefer EMSculpt treatment. At the same time, liposuction might be preferable for those who want or need immediate and extensive fat removal. 

Additionally, because liposuction is a surgery, there will be a recovery period, while EMSculpt treatment requires no downtime.

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