Oligio Malaysia

Oligio is a non-invasive face lifting and skin quality improvement treatment that uses high power radiofrequency integrated with unique OSCA™ technology to help regenerate collagen in the skin, tighten and rejuvenate the skin with more comfort, fast treatment, and no downtime.

Compared with the existing radiofrequency technology, Oligio’s special energy delivery modes are specially tailored for Asian skin, eliminating the pain, speed up the treatment time, and with obvious lifting effect. 

What is Oligio’s OSCA Technology?

OSCA™ (Optimal Shot Control Algorism) technology allows personalization treatment by automatically detects skin resistance and performs energy optimization, fine-tuning before each energy is delivered to the skin. This is important to make sure that the safety and efficacy of the treatment based on the condition and responsiveness of the skin at time of treatment.

Benefits of Oligio?

With the intelligent OSCA™ technology, Oligo can increase the efficacy of the treatment and reduce the risks of side effects. Patient can see visible results after the first treatment, which will sustain for a longer period of time. Treatment is very comfortable with the use of Intelligent Cooling System and Contact Vibration System. There is no need of numbing cream or sedation during the procedure. Intelligent Cooling System keeps the skin cool to protect the outer layer of the skin and allowing enough energy to be delivered to the deeper layers of the connective tissues.

Skin Tightening at Clique Clinic

At Clique Clinic, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best treatment outcomes.

Due to the therapies’ synergistic effects, combination therapy frequently produces the best outcomes. Utilising a two-pronged strategy that includes Oligio and Ultherapy or EMFace allow use to maximise results and delight patient satisfaction.

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