Age Spot Removal Treatment in Malaysia

What is Age Spot?

Age Spot, also known as Solar Lentigo, Sun Spot, or Liver Spot. It is usually flat or slightly raised, clearly defined coin-like lesion on the face. It can also be brown, tan, or black spots that appear on body parts often exposed to the sun, e.g. hands, face, shoulders, arms, scalp if bald. It is common in middle age to elderly patients. They are related to excess sun exposure over time.

How can we treat Age Spot?

Just like other hyperpigmentation conditions, various treatments can be done to treat age spots. Treatments available in Clique Clinic includes: PicoGenesis, PicoSure, Tixel, Aerolase, Sylfirm X, Sylfirm, Dual Yellow Laser, Clique Gentle Laser, Chemical Peeling, and Clique Prescriptive.

Lentigo Age Spot


PICO Genesis™: Precise & Powerful

Enlighten PICO Genesis™ is one of the most solid picosecond laser in the market, with very precise and powerful energy delivery. It delivers unparalleled results in treating hyperpigmentation, tattoo, scars, aging skin and many more.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment - Clique® Clinic

Sylfirm™: Restore your skin health

Sylfirm is state-of-the-art device able to strengthen your skin foundation. Like non-other, it restores skin health by strengthening the basement membrane, reduce inflammation, making it the most powerful treatment for difficult melasma, sensitive skin and rosacea. It is also very effective to treat active acne, scars and also skin tightening.

Sylfirm™ X: Xtraordinary Results!

SYLFIRM™ X brings skin rejuvenation and restoration to another level! With cutting-edge dual wave technology, and the only 300 microns depth microelectrodes in the market, it is clinically proven to be one of the safest and most effective treatment for sensitive skin, redness, melasma, acne scars, minimizing pores, and improving the overall look and tone of the skin.
lique Skin Toning Gentle Laser- Clique® Clinic Malaysia

Skin Toning Gentle Laser

Clique® Skin Toning Gentle Laser is an evidence-based therapy that offers the safest, quick and non-surgical way to effectively minimise the wrinkles and dark spots in any skin type.


Age Spot treatments often involves combination treatments and really takes a very experienced doctor to be able to treat it effectively. Treatment success depends on the best devices and the doctor’s skills.

Age Spot treatment requires the best skilled doctors and the best & most updated protocols in the market.

Clique Clinic pride itself to be the leader in the market for Age Spot treatment. Being the first center to have PICO Genesis™, PicoSure, Sylfirm, Sylfirm X, Aerolase, Glacier Rx, Clique Clinic always move two steps ahead in acquiring the latest and best technology in the market.