Dual Yellow Laser Treatment Malaysia (Safe & Quick)

Skin lesions such as seborrhoeic keratosis (often called age warts), warts, benign moles, skin tags, and sebaceous hyperplasia (small white bumps) can all be safely removed with Dual Yellow Copper Bromide laser. You might wonder, what other benefits do I get from removing skin lesions? Keep reading…

Dual Yellow

The Dual Yellow Laser relies on copper bromide technology to tackle a wide range of skin issues like age warts (seborrheic keratosis), skin pigmentation, vascular lesions, acne and even melasma. With its capable dual-wavelength (511nm green and 587nm yellow) that are very suitable for asian skin, Dual Yellow is one of the preferred lasers by our doctors to help patients achieve overall skin rejuvenation with harming the surrounding tissues. The end results would be a brighter skin, softer fine lines and skin texture improvement. 


As its name suggests, it is the only laser that emits two lights – a yellow light for vascular problems, acne, rosacea, melasma and skin rejuvenation/lightening, and a green light to treat pigmentation and bulky lesions.

Backed by numerous clinical trials, this high-performance laser offers arguably the widest range of treatments for a single laser with no bruising or crusting. 

There are many types of safe lasers in use by medical aesthetic doctors. The Dual Yellow Norseld Copper Bromide laser produces no harmful rays such as X Rays, UV light or gamma rays. It can safely be used to pinpoint the lesion with exceptional precision.

A lesion laser treatment session can easily be done as an outpatient procedure in our clinic. Most patients report a slight, but fairly tolerable sensation that is similar to the feeling of heated pinpricks.  Following the treatment, you will have no significant downtime and should be able to effortlessly return to your daily life.