Digital Peel (MultiFrax)

Digital Peel (MultiFrax®)

Digital Peel (MultiFrax®) is the first mobile non-ablative fractional laser with two wavelengths: 1927 nm and 1550 nm. This is a new revolutionary handheld, rechargeable battery powered Dual-action Fractional Laser that you can hold in your hand, which has been approved by FDA.


It is a medical device specially designed with the user in mind. Simultaneous operation of two lasers, can shortens the treatment time and increases the patient’s comfort. The Digital Peel laser is an innovative solution on a global scale. It has 3 patented technological solutions. It is the fruit of many years of cooperation between French and American engineers. Digital Peel (MultiFrax) has a long list of indications focused on improving the appearance and quality of the skin. The Digital Peel (MultiFrax) device opens a new chapter in laser therapy.


  • Digital Peel (MultiFrax) can be used for

    • revitalisation of the skin on the face, neck and cleavage and the whole body
    • reduction of wrinkles and signs of ageing
    • increasing tension and stimulating collagen
    • repairing the appearance of skin with acne, atrophic and burn scars
    • shallowing of unevenness on the body
    • reduction of stretch marks and skin flaccidity after weight loss
    • elimination of discolorations on the face and hands
    • narrowing of enlarged pores


Digital Peel is the only laser of this type in the world that can work with two lasers at the same time. This is possible thanks to the diode technology, which reaches peak energy in an ultra-short time. Thanks to this, the tissues are not subject to thermal irritation, which means that the procedure can be performed.


The laser beam is emitted in a sequence of successive spots, creating a line of thermal columns. The length of the line can be varied depending on the area to be treated, from 2 mm to 14 mm. The advantage of changing the line size of the thermal column is the machining accuracy.


Digital Peel can reach a power of up to 70mJ, but even at lower powers, it effectively treats melasma, actinic keratosis, stretch marks and signs of aging. The compact Digital Peel technology allows the transfer of maximum energy without dispersion, thus guaranteeing efficiency comparable to the largest laser stations.


From an internal histology study, the penetration of the laser beam is exactly comparable to that of other non-ablative fractional lasers. The effect of thermal microcolumns is visible deep in the dermis already at 20mJ. The treatment head is designed for min. 2 million pulses, which is enough to perform nearly 80 “full face” treatments


The unique feature of the Digital Peel is that it does not require a cooling system, either integrated or external. A short energy peak lasting 15ms with high and adjustable pulse power makes the treatment comfortable for the patient. The sensations during treatment are definitely better compared to other non-ablative fractional lasers or fractional CO2.

This laser does absolutely everything the traditional lasers do with a few important improvements:

  1. Less Painful
  2. Less Downtime
  3. Prominent Result
  4. Cost Effective

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