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What is Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is something many people are neglecting. The skin is exposed to many damaging elements everyday. Facial rejuvenation is highly recommended for you to replenish the loss of moisture, elasticity and suppleness while getting rid of damaging particles and dead cells to stimulate healthy skin growth.

Clique® Clinic is a facial skin rejuvenation clinic offering effective rejuvenation therapy.

  • Clique® Medi-Facial,
  • Enlighten™ PICO Genesis™ and
  • The popular laser skin rejuvenation by Black Diamond Carbon Laser
  • Radiesse® Plus
  • PicoSure
  • Sylfirm™
  • Tixel®
  • Rejuran®


PICO Genesis™

Enlighten™ PICO Genesis™ is a NEW, non-thermal, non-surgical, non-invasive laser to treat hyperpigmentation and other skin discolourations that are a result of genetics, pregnancy, the ageing process, acne and more.

Black Diamond Carbon Laser

Clique® Black Diamond (CBD) Treatment is a carbon peel laser that provides instant cleansing, brightening and rejuvenation to your skin. Laser beam is focused on skin that has been covered by a thin layer of carbon of micro to nano size.

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Rejuvenation - Cosmetologist applying skincare treatment 2

Clique® Medi-Facial

Clique® Medi-Facial is an array of medically enhanced skin repair treatments geared towards several skin conditions such as blemished or sun damaged skin, aging skin, oily skin, acne skin, dry skin and also normal to perfect skin.

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