What is Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is something many people are neglecting. The skin is exposed to many damaging elements everyday. Facial rejuvenation is highly recommended for you to replenish the loss of moisture, elasticity and suppleness while getting rid of damaging particles and dead cells to stimulate healthy skin growth.

Clique® Clinic is a facial skin rejuvenation clinic offering effective rejuvenation therapy.

  • Enlighten™ PICO Genesis™ 
  • Radiesse® Plus
  • PicoSure
  • Sylfirm™
  • Tixel®
  • Rejuran®


PICO Genesis™

Enlighten™ PICO Genesis™ is a NEW, non-thermal, non-surgical, non-invasive laser to treat hyperpigmentation and other skin discolourations that are a result of genetics, pregnancy, the ageing process, acne and more.


Sylfirm is one of the newest discoveries that strengthens your skin foundation. It is very effective in treating pigmentary and over-proliferated blood vessels disorders, especially Melasma, facial flushing and rosacea. Other conditions that Sylfirm treats well commonly used in combination treatment for active acne and also superficial skin tightening

Hyperpigmentation Treatment - Clique® Clinic
Rejuvenation - 1

A premium skin rejuvenation treatment, Tixel® is suitable for most people, even those with darker skin types. It is a relatively new technology with a safer profile, quicker healing, less pain and much shorter down time.