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Which PLINEST suits me best?

One of the best anti-aging solutions in the market currently is Plinest. Thousands of real patients worldwide enjoyed remarkable and positive changes in skin tone, skin glow, skin firmness and overall smoother skin surface after 1-2 Plinest treatment sets*.

So what makes Plinest one of the best injectables for anti-aging treatments and skin repair?
Many injectables such as Xeomin, commonly known as Botox, and hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are likewise used for anti-aging purposes and they produce great results as well.

That is because Plinest goes beyond the surface of standard aesthetic injectables. HA fillers are plumping substances (gels) that address sagginess and tiredness by filling areas of the skin where volume was lost due to aging. By plumping the treated areas HA fillers restore the overall facial balance which helps to reclaim youthfulness.

The benefit of Xeomin (Botox) is its ability to freeze facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. By relaxing the muscles around the face, Xeomin (Botox) smoothen out lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet and frown lines.

Meanwhile Plinest is lauded for its ability to trigger self-repair and regeneration capabilities within the skin. Categorised as a skin-healer booster, it performs differently from injectables like HA fillers or Xeomin (Botox). Plinest works to first repair, then stimulate newer, healthier skin to achieve a rejuvenated appearance. Plinest is also proven effective across various ethnicities and gender with no irritations or complications. It consists of highly biocompatible, highly purified polynucleotides which are DNA fragments extracted from Italian trout fish. These polynucleotides are biocompatible with human DNA.

Therefore, aside from its effectiveness, doctors worldwide are in favour of Plinest for its safety profile and high bio-compatibility.


The various Plinest products that were developed are meant to address specific needs. The right choice of Plinest depends on the patient’s skin so before deciding on any treatment, a professional skin specialist or doctor would be the best person to consult. Below are some information about the different Plinest types for your benefit:



The original Plinest works as a powerful skin healing and rejuvenation booster. It is suitable for most skin across all age groups and gender. Once injected, the polynucleotides in Plinest trigger collagen production and fibroblast (a type of cell that contributes to skin healing), which makes your cells recover and restore naturally.

Over time this increased fibroblast activity and collagen production accelerates skin repair, resulting in better skin radiance, youthful skin texture plus improved skin rigidity and elasticity.

The amount and frequency of injections would depend on your skin condition and your desired results. As it is a natural process, results are not immediate but patients will experience tremendous improvements over 2-3 months.



Plinest Newest is a variation that includes hyaluronic acid (HA).
Dr Lim finds polynucleotides alone less effective for older patients in comparison with younger patients. “For older patients, where the skin is drier, I like a combination of Hyaluronic Acid, and Mannitol, which is why the Newest offers higher efficacy at this point of time,” he had said.

In short, the HA and Mannitol enhance hydration under the skin, give better lift and boost skin radiance for patients with dry and wrinkled skin. Like all Plinest range of products, at its core, Newest promotes bio-revitalisation to reverse signs of aging. The HA and Mannitol support the regeneration triggered by the polynucleotides by adding volume and moisture.



Plinest Fast targets the eyebags. It revives tired-looking eyes and reduces dark eye circles. Similarly to the original Plinest, it works as an activator of tissue regeneration but is formulated to be injected into the hollows midway between the lower lids and the cheeks, lessening the appearance of the tear troughs as well as indented shadows under the eyes, aka undereye bags.



Plinest Hair contains formulation for stimulating cell growth and regeneration in hair follicles. Injected into the scalp, the polynucleotides strengthen hair and help control female hormonal hair loss.

The efficacy of polynucleotides are evaluated on the basis of different objective criteria (trichogram, hair count, hair density pull test). Results from real patients were highly satisfactory and showed an increase in the number of and diameter of the hair shaft. Polynucleotides could be also useful as adjuvant post surgery treatment after hair transplant surgery.


PLINEST ONE for stretch marks :

When the skin stretches or shrinks quickly it causes the collagen and elastin that supports our skin to rupture. This is common during extreme weight-loss or post-pregnancy. As our skin heals, stretch marks may appear.

Most stretch marks can be healed. Plinest One works by increasing collagen and elastin which promotes skin regeneration. This in turn can reduce stretch marks appearance and soften the crepiness.

Our doctors had experienced great results using the combination of CO2 lasers with Plinest One.


How can you choose between these Plinest types?

When it comes to your face, don’t price-shop. Do your due diligence in researching for the right and qualified doctor.

We encourage you to have a consultation session with our doctors to uncover your concerns. A dialogue with our doctors will equip you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about the treatments that would best meet your needs.

As no individual skin is alike, they will ensure that you receive the highest levels of care and expertise. Based on your skin condition, our team offer bespoke treatments that are specifically designed for you.

Our primary goal is to help you get the right treatment and achieve your best skin.  We treat our patients based on what they need, not for what is popular or the latest on social media.

Do Whatsapp us if you having any further questions:


* 1 Plinest treatment set/ protocol is 5 injectables over 4-5 months.



Generally patients require an average of 5 sessions, spaced 3-4 weeks apart to achieve desirable results. The first to third treatments are at 2 weeks intervals, while the 4th and 5th treatment can be 1 month apart. 

Maximised effects can be expected when combined with other treatments



Additional session is recommended in 6~12 months after a treatment protocol of 5 sessions



When can I see results?
Collagen rebuilding and fibroblast proliferation are processes which takes time. Some patients see noticeable result after the first session and that is mostly in terms of skin texture – better glow, brighter and smoother skin. In general it takes about 2-4 weeks after your first session to begin enjoying the benefits of Plinest. You might observe increased skin elasticity and lift due to the collagen stimulation, faded fine wrinkles and reduction in pore size.

Further improvements are clearer after the third session, with visible natural lifting and skin volumising. The desirable outcome of youthful skin is typically after the full course.



Case studies confirmed that the polynucleotide (PN) contained in Plinest are helpful for restoring our human skin complexion. Better and more dramatic results are observed when treated in combination with different skin modalities. Combined treatments with Sylfirm, Boletero or Xeomin can be an option to boost results and for supporting skin repair process.


We do not recommend this treatment to pregnant mothers and if you’re allergic to trout, salmon fish or seafood.

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Dr. Lim's dedication to excellence in aesthetics is evident in his numerous accolades, including the Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy for Best Clinical Cases. His leadership positions within the International Society for Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery (ISDS) and his active participation in international conferences further underline his commitment to advancing the field. Dr Lim's specialisations include skin rejuvenation, facial aesthetics using injectables and fillers, and body contouring. Dr. Lim's passion for innovation and patient care positions him as a leading authority in medical aesthetics.

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