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How effective is Sylfirm X?

What is Sylfirm X?

You’ll appreciate the various benefits that the Sylfirm X RF microneedling system with dual wave technology will bring to you.

Sylfirm X is the latest advancement in RP (repeated ultra-short pulse) microneedling technology that selectively treats increased pigmentation and vascular lesions by reacting to ONLY abnormal blood vessels and tissue—it is the only RF microneedling device approved to safely treat neovascularities, including difficult-to-treat conditions like rosacea and melasma.

This cutting-edge technology has been clinically proved to address a variety of concerns, including wrinkles, redness, acne scars, reducing pores, and enhancing the overall look and tone of the skin.

How does Sylfirm X work?

Sylfirm X employs Regional Regeneration Radio Repeated Pulse (RP) microneedling to identify and repair aberrant vasculature that can cause melasma, rosacea, and other skin discolorations. An electromagnetic field of energy is formed with the aid of several tiny electrodes that can penetrate the dermal layer without injuring the tissue.

During the procedure, a robotic system assures the accurate application of the evenly-layered electrodes to attain the appropriate depth. Microneedling treatments are quicker, more effective, and more pleasant for patients since they cover all skin layers. In addition, based on the treatment aims, practitioners can select among eight modalities.

Things you should have known before proceeding to the Syflirm X treatment

Before you are taken for a skin analysis, your skin will be gently washed. Prior to any procedure, a comprehensive consultation with a certified medical physician will be conducted.

After discussing and agreeing on your treatment, a topical anaesthetic will be administered to lessen discomfort throughout the process. Depending on the treatment and pain tolerance, the numbing cream may be reapplied. The topical anaesthetic is then removed when a sufficient amount of time has passed before the surgery is performed.

Before beginning the procedure, our doctor will ensure that your skin is clean. Before each shot, the Sylfirm X tip will be firmly pressed against your skin. Each shot delivers radiofrequency energy using microneedles inserted into your skin. Treatments usually last 20 minutes.

After the treatment, a cold gel and light therapy may be used to minimise redness and promote recovery.

Choosing Sylfirm X comes with several benefits for the patient:

  • Faster treatments.
  • Patients experience little to zero discomfort.
  • Minimal invasiveness.
  • Amazing outcomes.
  • There is little or no downtime.
  • Many patients have had immediate effects.

Can Sylfirm X be combined with other treatments?

Absolutely Yes! Combination of Sylfirm X and Pico lasers is one for the most hot selling treatment package in Clique Clinic.

The Sylfirm X can be combined with many energy-based devices or skin booster for better or enhanced results. Below are the combination treatments that we provide in our clinics.

Pigmentation disorders: Sylfirm X + PicoSure/ PicoSure Pro/ Enlighten PicoGenesis/ Fotona

Hydration and Suppleness: Sylfirm X + Plinest/ Newest/ Profhilo/ Rejuran

Tightening and Lifting: Sylfirm X + Ultherapy/ TempSure

Reduction of fine lines: Sylfirm X + TempSure

Am I the right candidate to do Sylfirm X?

Yes, if you are having any issues below.

Dull skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, acne scar, melasma and redness, rosacea, pores etc. If you are not so sure about your skin condition. Please do contact us for a skin assessment and consultation with the doctor. We’re happy to provide you a personalised solution.

Emily Lim (Malaysian Artiste) has experienced the combination of Sylfirm X and Ultherapy. Let’s see how she feel about Sylfirm X treatment in Clique Clinic.

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