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EMSculpt Neo Edge

Core muscles and obliques are two of the most important muscle groups in the human body. These muscles play a vital role in maintaining good posture, preventing injuries, and improving athletic performance. In this article, Josh Chua, Director of Clique Clinic and a certified BodySculpting expert highlights the significance of having strong core muscles and obliques, not just for aesthetic purposes like six-pack abs, but also for maintaining a healthy body and reducing the risk of injury.

Josh, as one of the few Malaysians who have tried the latest technology in body sculpting, the EMSculpt NEO Edge, also shares his personal experience and explains how this new technology helped him achieve his desired physique and provided him with that “extra” boost towards his fitness goals.

What are Core Muscles?

The core muscles are a group of muscles that include the rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, internal and external obliques, erector spinae, and multifidus. If these names sound unfamiliar, they are referring to the muscles located in your abdomen, lower back, and pelvis area. Core muscles are important to stabilise our spine and pelvis, allowing for proper posture and movement. They protect us from injuries, not only during exercise or in sports activities, but also in everyday simple activities such as lifting heavy objects, bending over to pick up something from the floor, or even sitting at a desk for prolonged periods.

When lifting or bending, our strong core muscles are activated and they help reduce the risk of strain or injury to the lower back. Similarly, when sitting at a desk, a strong core helps to maintain good posture, reducing the risk of developing neck or back pain from slouching or hunching over.

“Many of our patients seek drool-worthy six-pack abs and the toned, lean look. While striving for aesthetic goals is not inherently wrong, it is crucial to note that maintaining a strong core can lead to a better quality of life as we age. For example, a strong core helps support the spine and can reduce the risk of developing back pain and helps individuals maintain functional strength and independence in their daily lives,” Josh said.

In short, apart from the vanity aspect, developing and maintaining a strong core is crucial for overall health and well-being.

How do We Build and Strengthen Core Muscles?

There are many exercises that can help to strengthen the core muscles, including:

  1. Planks – Planks are a great exercise for strengthening the entire core, including the obliques.
  2. Crunches – Crunches target the rectus abdominis, which is the muscle responsible for the “six-pack” look.
  3. Russian twists – Russian twists target the obliques and are great for improving rotational strength.

Are Core Muscles the same as Obliques?

Core muscles and obliques are not the same, but obliques are a part of the core muscles. The obliques are the specific muscles that are located on the sides of the abdomen, running diagonally from the lower ribs to the pelvis.

Now if you have been consistently working out and performing abdominal exercises but have not achieved the desired results of a six-pack, it may be time to consider body sculpting procedures such as EMSculpt NEO.

“There are several reasons why some people may find it difficult to achieve a fit and lean body even with diligent exercises. Based on my extensive experience consulting with patients, it is often due to factors such as poor nutrition, inconsistency in exercise routine, improper form, or hormonal imbalances that individuals may struggle to achieve their desired fitness goals.” Josh explained.

So How Can the Combination of EMSculpt NEO and EMSculpt NEO Edge Help Me?

First of all, EMSculpt NEO is not suitable for those who are obese as it is not a weight-loss solution, but is more appropriate for those who are already close to their desired body weight but looking to target specific areas of the body for muscle building and fat reduction. The ideal EMSculpt NEO/EMSculpt NEO Edge candidates are individuals who have a BMI of 35 or less and who already have a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet. In such cases, EMSculpt NEO/EMSculpt NEO Edge can enhance their fitness routine and take their results to the next level.

“Take me as an example,” Josh went on to explain.
“My diet is balanced, I exercise regularly and in general, I maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’ve likewise performed EMSculpt NEO and achieved a lean, toned midsection. That said, I still had a bit of non-pinchable stubborn fat at my waist, both at the sides and back. No amount of exercising helped in the past 6 months. So when EMSculpt NEO Edge was launched, I figured that I was the perfect candidate for it.”

Clinical studies show that, on average, EMSculpt NEO delivers fat burning of up to 30 percent and muscle gains of up to 25%. However, before EMSculpt NEO Edge, these impressive improvements were limited to only the middle portion of the abdomen. With the new applicator, EMSculpt NEO Edge is able to target areas of the body with more intensive curvature as the new applicator design fits perfectly around curvy areas such as the back, sides (love handles), and inner and outer thighs.

Emitting 2 energies simultaneously, the Edge™ applicator utilises radiofrequency and HIFEM™ technology to address fat deposits and muscle groups in a single non-invasive treatment. This new device extension tones the oblique muscles when treating the lateral abdomen, which can significantly improve posture, core strength, and back discomfort.

Like the EMSculpt NEO technology, the EMSculpt NEO EDGE is approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

Josh’s final assessment revealed a noticeable improvement in his waistline, with reduced fat in the front, sides, and back. He also observed more prominent oblique muscles, despite following his regular diet and exercise routine.

“Overall, EMSculpt NEO Edge provided the extra boost I needed to achieve a more toned midsection, targeting not just the front core muscles but also the often-overlooked side waist muscles – the obliques. EMSculpt NEO Edge has an added advantage of skin tightening, which makes it an ideal choice for candidates who have skin laxity at the waist. This feature provides an additional benefit to those seeking to enhance their physique. In conclusion, EMSculpt NEO Edge is not a replacement for a balanced diet and regular exercise, but serves as a complement, amplifying the results and providing significant definition in our midsection,” he clarified.

“I have always felt that I am only at 65% of my best form during my workouts. However, after undergoing six sessions of EMSculpt NEO Edge, I genuinely felt that I had achieved 85-90% of my peak performance,” Josh enthuses.

See Josh’s Before and After pictures:

So Am I a Candidate for the EMSculpt NEO and EMSculpt NEO Edge Combination?

It is important to consult with a qualified professional to determine if EMSculpt Neo is a suitable treatment option based on your specific body composition and lifestyle.

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EMSculpt NEO Edge Treatment in Malaysia

EMSculpt Neo Edge Video Introduction

We are the Number One clinic for Body Contouring in Malaysia for the TENTH consecutive year!

Being the Global Key Opinion Leader in Asia Pacific Region, and the first EMSculpt NEO provider in Malaysia, our team consists of highly experienced Body Contouring Specialists with great attention to detail in performing all kind of body contouring treatments that available in our clinics. These are key to successful treatment outcomes. 

EMSculpt NEO

Build muscle and burn fat in ONE treatment with zero downtime


Reduce Fat & Build Muscle in a Faster Way

Reducing fat + building muscle is an ongoing battle for a majority of people. You work hard at your exercise routine and watch your diet, but you may still have areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Or perhaps, as we age, this process seems to get more difficult due to a slowing metabolism, and the stress of all that life demands. If you are ready for a breakthrough in your battle to reduce fat and build muscle, then EMSculpt NEO may be ideal for you.


EMSculpt Neo Edge- What is EMSculpt NEO Edge?

The EMSculpt Neo Edge applicator is designed to contour curving parts of the body such as the lateral abdomen, also known as the flanks or love handles. Lateral abdomen consists of high resistance fat deposits and multiple layers of large muscle groups.

Furthermore, when treating the lateral abdomen, the new applicator extension tones the oblique muscles, and many patients report considerable improvements in their posture, core, and back pain.

EMSculpt Neo Edge- How many sessions of EMSculpt Neo Edge do I need?

Generally, with at least six sessions (5 to 10 days interval) to see good results. Some people might need more than six sessions, please seek for professional advice. You may consider getting more session as maintenance or booster before beach holiday.

EMSculpt Neo Edge Applicators

emsculpt neo edge clique clinic

EMSculpt Neo Edge Applicators

emsculpt neo edge applicator clique clinic

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