You are currently viewing EMSculpt NEO 1 of the best body sculpting option

EMSculpt NEO 1 of the best body sculpting options available today

It’s the only non-invasive body contouring solution that harnesses two energy technologies, Radiofrequency (RF) and High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM+), which enables patients to achieve up to 25% muscle growth and up to 30% fat reduction per body part in just a few treatments.

The treatment itself is comfortable, painless with no downtime and patients are able to see results in a matter of months. EMSculpt NEO is also FDA approved with millions of successful cases worldwide.


Last 2022, building on the success of the game-changing EMSculpt NEO treatment, the EMSculpt NEO EDGE™ applicator was launched. Designed to reach areas of the body that may be difficult to target otherwise, EMSculpt NEO EDGE™ promises to give patients a leaner, healthier body than ever before. It works using a specifically engineered double coil system that allows the RF and HIFEM+ energies to penetrate through all three layers of the oblique muscles, resulting in consistent muscle contouring and fat reduction.


With the addition of EMSculpt NEO EDGE™, patients undergoing EMSculpt treatments can now leverage on 3 different types of applicators for the best results. Combination usage of all applicators can treat most problematic body parts
 and help patients achieve a sculpted body that looks great from every angle in mere months!


We are often asked about EMSculpt NEO in comparison to other body-sculpting procedures. Our doctors have compiled some of the FAQs (frequently asked questions) on EMSculpt NEO and the new EMSculpt NEO Edge as below to help your understanding.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need further clarification!

  1. How is the new EMSculpt NEO Edge different from EMSculpt and EMSculpt NEO?

The previous EMSculpt and EMSculpt NEO works only on the midsection of the abdomen. With the new EMSculpt NEO EDGE, patients are able to target the sides of the waist (love handles). This combination offers dual improvements – develop core strength while sculpting and toning your body’s sides.

In a nutshell, the EMSculpt NEO EDGE gets rid of your love handles while EMSculpt NEO gives you a chiseled abdomen, all without surgery or downtime.


  1. How long is the treatment with EMSculpt NEO EDGE applicators?

The duration of each session remains the same as the standard EMSculpt NEO treatment, which is for 30 minutes.


  1. How many treatments do I need with EMSculpt NEO EDGE?

This would vary based on individuals. As a general rule, patients start with four sessions of 30 minute procedure, done once a week for 6 consecutive weeks. Our doctors will monitor the progress and advise accordingly.


  1. Are EMSculpt NEO EDGE sessions painful?

Every individual possesses a different level of pain tolerance but most patients find the vibrations from the EMSculpt NEO or EMSculpt NEO EDGE applicators to be tolerable. The sensations were described as tingling and warm with a series of periodic muscle contractions.


  1. Are EMSculpt NEO EDGE treatments expensive?

After consultation and a body assessment, our doctors would prepare a bespoke body transformation plan. This consists of a realistic timeline with small, incremental goals designed to achieve the patient’s desired body in a safe and sensible manner. Therefore, the cost can only be confirmed after the consultation and a body assessment.


  1. Who is a good candidate for EMSculpt NEO EDGE treatment?

The ideal candidates for EMSculpt NEO and EMSculpt NEO EDGE treatments are healthy women and men with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or less wanting to eliminate pockets of stubborn fat and build more muscle mass in the buttocks, stomach, legs, or upper arms. Body contouring treatments are great for reshaping and improving the overall appearance of your body. However, it is not a treatment dedicated to weight loss. For those in the obese category, we would first recommend a combination of exercise and diet to lower the body fat composition. At Clique our doctors work together with trusted nutritionists and trainers to help patients lose body fat in a safe and sustainable manner.


  1. Are EMSculpt NEO EDGE treatments safe for anyone and everyone?

Our doctors can determine if an individual is suitable for EMSculpt NEO EDGE after a body assessment. In general, pregnant mothers and individuals with metal or electronics implanted anywhere in their body, or patients with a history of muscle issues are not suitable for EMSculpt NEO or EMSculpt NEO EDGE.


If you are ready for a breakthrough in your battle to reduce fat and build muscles, schedule a consultation with our doctors @ Whatsapp

At Clique, our doctors will only recommend the best approach after taking into consideration your desired outcome and budget. Rest assured that you are in the best hands with our doctors.


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