How to avoid Facial Overfilled Syndrome with fillers? 4 things you should know.
Facial Overfilled Syndrome (Woman)

How to avoid Facial Overfilled Syndrome with fillers? 4 things you should know.

Fillers Outcome You Don’t Want to Get:  Facial Overfilled Syndrome (FOS)

As dermal fillers became more widely acceptable, we started to observe increasing numbers of people developing Facial Overfilled Syndrome (FOS). These overfilled faces are commonly seen among those who have undergone multiple dermal filler injections, large amount of dermal fillers used per treatment (more than 5 syringes per treatment, more than 10 syringes in a year), ending up having unnatural look after certain period of time.


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7 Reasons People Fail to Lose Weight Sustainably

Sensible eating and adequate amount of physical activities play vital roles in life. Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of life long well-being, but it can be challenging to find the right balance and navigate all of the myths and false promises out there about diet and weight loss.


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How I see EMSculpt NEO

We’re a whole population that has suffered physically from the lack of working out. Going to the gym or out for a run became a fraught experience for many during COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions. To make it worse, everybody was eating their way through the pandemic as a way to manage stress. 

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EMTONE® Malaysia At Clique, every single patient has seen a result. We have a whole range of body sculpting platforms SSTF (namely SLIM, SCULPT, TONE & FIRM), and have had a lot of success. Because we are early adopters of EMTone, we’ve had our share of duds. For this…

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Sylfirm X Malaysia

Sylfirm X Malaysia

SYLFIRM™ X Malaysia Why Sylfirm X at Clique Clinic? Being the trendsetter aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, Clique Clinic is the first clinic to bring in Sylfirm and Sylfirm X into the countryWith strong numbers of cases performed, Clique Clinic has successfully treated many difficult cases with Sylfirm XMany treatment results…

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miraDry Malaysia

miraDry Malaysia We are the first clinic who offer miraDry treatment in Malaysia since year 2019. Permanently reduce underarm sweat. miraDry is the only US FDA cleared treatment that dramatically reduces underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. Over 150,000 treatments have been performed worldwide. miraDry treatment that…

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EMSculpt Neo Malaysia

EMSculpt Neo are the Number One clinic for Body Contouring in Malaysia for the NINTH consecutive year!Being the Global Key Opinion Leader in Asia Pacific Region, and the first EMSculpt NEO provider in Malaysia, our team consists of highly experienced Body Contouring Specialists with great attention to detail in performing all…

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Skin Booster

Skin Booster Skin Booster Skin boosters are injections of products into the skin superficially for the purpose of hydrating and improving skin quality. From all the skin booster injections in the market, the popular ones are hyaluronic acids (HLA), Polynucleotides (PN), Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN), Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), growth factors and cytokines. Skin…

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Mole Removal

Mole Removal Mole Removal Moles (the medical term is Nevus or Nevi in plural) are a common type of skin growth. They appear as small, dark brown spots and are caused by clusters of pigmented cells.Moles usually appear during childhood and adolescence. Most people have 10-40 moles, some of which…

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