How to avoid Facial Overfilled Syndrome with fillers? 4 things you should know.
Facial Overfilled Syndrome (Woman)

How to avoid Facial Overfilled Syndrome with fillers? 4 things you should know.

Fillers Outcome You Don’t Want to Get:  Facial Overfilled Syndrome (FOS)

As dermal fillers became more widely acceptable, we started to observe increasing numbers of people developing Facial Overfilled Syndrome (FOS). These overfilled faces are commonly seen among those who have undergone multiple dermal filler injections, large amount of dermal fillers used per treatment (more than 5 syringes per treatment, more than 10 syringes in a year), ending up having unnatural look after certain period of time.


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為何黑斑那么难治?谈黑斑和祛斑的4大 How 与 Why

為何黑斑那么难治?谈黑斑和祛斑的4大 How 与 Why

黑斑, 何去何从?



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首先我们必须了解黑斑是怎么来的。由于东南亚国家都处于一个没四季的热带国家。长期暴露在太阳紫外线底下,或是手机电脑蓝光直射都会慢慢地在皮肤深层累积黑色素。尤其是女性较为容易有黑色素沉淀问题,也就是常见的黄褐斑,雀斑,色素不均匀。 (more…)

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EMTONE® Malaysia At Clique, every single patient has seen a result. We have a whole range of body sculpting platforms SSTF (namely SLIM, SCULPT, TONE & FIRM), and have had a lot of success. Because we are early adopters of EMTone, we’ve had our share of duds. For this…

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终极皮肤管理大师 SYLFIRM X

终极皮肤管理大师 SYLFIRM X

SYLFIRM™彻底改变了我们恢复皮肤健康的方式,而SYLFIRM™ X 无疑将使皮肤年轻化和恢复到另一个层次!

SYLFIRM™X RF微针系统是从其前身演变而来的,具有尖端的双波技术,拥有八种不同的连续波 (CW mode)和脉冲波双极RF模式(PW mode),再搭配全新的300微米深度探头。这意味着,借助新的SYLFIRM™X


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Sylfirm X Malaysia

Sylfirm X Malaysia

SYLFIRM™ X Malaysia Why Sylfirm X at Clique Clinic? Being the trendsetter aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, Clique Clinic is the first clinic to bring in Sylfirm and Sylfirm X into the countryWith strong numbers of cases performed, Clique Clinic has successfully treated many difficult cases with Sylfirm XMany treatment results…

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灭疤计划 (Thanos Jr. Scars Eliminator Programme)

Thanos Junior Scars Elimination Programme

痘痘一直都是年轻人的一大烦恼。由于多数发生在青春期,所以也被称之为“青春痘”。你可曾想过青春期所留下痕迹,痘疤。那是让中年人懊恼的一大问题。在这个“靠脸吃饭”年代,痘痘和痘疤是我们的头号公敌。 (more…)

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Skin Booster

Skin Booster Skin Booster Skin boosters are injections of products into the skin superficially for the purpose of hydrating and improving skin quality. From all the skin booster injections in the market, the popular ones are hyaluronic acids (HLA), Polynucleotides (PN), Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN), Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), growth factors and cytokines. Skin…

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