EMSculpt NEO Edge Treatment in Malaysia

EMSculpt Neo Edge Video Introduction

We are the Number One clinic for Body Contouring in Malaysia for the TENTH consecutive year!

Being the Global Key Opinion Leader in Asia Pacific Region, and the first EMSculpt NEO provider in Malaysia, our team consists of highly experienced Body Contouring Specialists with great attention to detail in performing all kind of body contouring treatments that available in our clinics. These are key to successful treatment outcomes. 

EMSculpt NEO

Build muscle and burn fat in ONE treatment with zero downtime


Reduce Fat & Build Muscle in a Faster Way

Reducing fat + building muscle is an ongoing battle for a majority of people. You work hard at your exercise routine and watch your diet, but you may still have areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Or perhaps, as we age, this process seems to get more difficult due to a slowing metabolism, and the stress of all that life demands. If you are ready for a breakthrough in your battle to reduce fat and build muscle, then EMSculpt NEO may be ideal for you.


EMSculpt Neo Edge- What is EMSculpt NEO Edge?

The EMSculpt Neo Edge applicator is designed to contour curving parts of the body such as the lateral abdomen, also known as the flanks or love handles. Lateral abdomen consists of high resistance fat deposits and multiple layers of large muscle groups.

Furthermore, when treating the lateral abdomen, the new applicator extension tones the oblique muscles, and many patients report considerable improvements in their posture, core, and back pain.

EMSculpt Neo Edge- How many sessions of EMSculpt Neo Edge do I need?

Generally, with at least six sessions (5 to 10 days interval) to see good results. Some people might need more than six sessions, please seek for professional advice. You may consider getting more session as maintenance or booster before beach holiday.

EMSculpt Neo Edge Applicators

emsculpt neo edge clique clinic

EMSculpt Neo Edge Applicators

emsculpt neo edge applicator clique clinic

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