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At Clique® Clinic, we take pride in having extensive knowledge in the products we use, and using it to its best way. We are very selective in the products we use, and only the best in the market make itself into our door. As one of the trendsetters and leaders in fillers injection, Clique Clinic developed many injection techniques that are being taught and practiced worldwide.

Why Dermal Fillers at Clique Clinic?

  • Global Key Opinion Leader and Trainer for Belotero®, Radiesse®, Ellansé®, Restylane® and Teosyal®.
  • Participate in many studies of characteristic of dermal fillers in the market, thus understand how to utilise fillers to it best way.
  • Board-certified and highly experienced aesthetic doctors performing filler injections.
  • Offers ONLY the safest and most reliable fillers to avoid short or long-term complications, such as Facial Overfilled Syndrome (FOS), and Delayed Inflammatory Reactions (DIRs), which are now seen in many who have done fillers previously.

Why Filler Rheology?

  • Rheology ( from Greek ῥέω rhéō, “flow” and -λoγία, –logia, “study of”, meaning the study of the characteristic of the fillers used). 
  • By having a good understanding of the fillers used, our doctors use fillers very efficiently in minimal doses (minimal effective dose).  
  • The importance of doing so is to avoid large amount of fillers use, which can lead to expedited facial aging as well as facial distortion.
  • The important rheology that one should know is: elasticity, cohesivity, and projection capacity

Filler Elasticity

  • Elasticity of the filler is important for the filler to maintain its shape after it is placed under the skin.
  • Fillers with great elasticity will maintain its shape after placement and hard to change its shape unless placed in big volume or incorrect placement
  • Fillers with great elasticity is best used for Nose and Chin.

Filler Cohesivity

  • Cohesivity of the fillers is the ability of the fillers to hold itself together and do not break into many tiny pieces and migrate to other areas.
  • The cohesivity of the fillers is important for the filler to integrate very well with the tissue and do not break to cause unwanted filler migrations.

Belotero Balance


Restylane Refyne


Filler Projection Capacity

  • Projection capacity is the ability of the fillers to project the tissue well, especially when using very small amount of fillers.
  • Fillers with good Projection Capacity shows good improvements even with minimal volume injected: 0.05ml of fillers.

Injectable Categories

HA (Hyaluronic Acid)


Muscle Relexant (BTA)