Belotero® Revive Skin Booster Malaysia

Belotero Revive Malaysia

Belotero® is a premium brand of  hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers used to treat a variety of cosmetic issues, including face augmentation and face volume enhancement. The Belotero product range comprises a variety of formulations that are intended to target specific areas and depths of the skin. These fillers often contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring component in the body that helps in the maintenance of skin hydration and elasticity.

By using their very specific characteristics, fillers can be done in very minimal amount to create the most natural and optimal results. This is not only cost-effective, but also avoided many long term complications from fillers such as Facial Overfilled Syndrome, nodules, blindness and skin necrosis.

Belotero Fillers

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Belotero Revive

Belotero Revive Clique Clinic

Belotero® Revive

Belotero® Revive is a next-generation injectable hyaluronic acid skin booster designed to improve skin quality and reverse the early indications of sun damage. BELOTERO® Revive is an effective early intervention therapy that provides a natural-looking and improved skin appearance.

Belotero Revive – How does it works?

Belotero Revive is injected across several sessions and acts as a beauty enhancer for overall young glow. It hydrates the skin under the surface but may also be used to minimise the appearance of fine wrinkles or as a preventative and early cosmetic intervention therapy to limit the advancement of facial changes over time. BELOTERO Revive is suitable for all patients with photodamaged skin and can improve skin quality for up to 6-9 months.

Belotero Revive – Why choose BELOTERO® Revive?

  • Clinically Proven with Outstanding Results
  • The combination of HA and glycerol improves the skin’s barriers and speeds up recuperation.
  • Can be injected into the forehead. It is not intended to volumise, but rather to enhance the skin’s health.
  • Collagen growth is stimulated.

Belotero Revive – How many treatments (BELOTERO® Revive) will I need?

Because of the combination of Hyaluronic acid and Glycerol, Belotero Revive gives direct hydration under the skin, resulting in a long-lasting moisturising impact on the skin.  General 2 sessions, second treatment is required 4 week after the first treatment, and you can repeat it every 6 months.

Belotero Revive – How long do the results last?

The effects of enhanced skin hydration which can last up to 6-9 months, depending on factors such as skin structure, lifestyle, and age. We would withdraw at this point, but depending on how your skin has responded, fewer treatments may be necessary for maintenance.

Belotero Revive – What is the side effects may occur?

Mininal redness, pain, or numbness, itching, or bruising may occur and can last for few days. Which is common for all kinds of injectable, and it is also skills dependent. An experienced practitioner can reduce the chances of all the “side effects”.


Target-Specific Sandwich Technique

Injectable rejuvenation treatments used in Caucasians might not always suit Asians as the visible signs of aging manifest differently, underscoring a need for Asian-specific strategies that correct underlying structural deficiencies and cumulative age-related changes. The presented Target-specific Sandwich Technique (TSST) aims to simultaneously restore, rejuvenate and enhance faces through the distribution of minute amounts of different fillers with different rheologies, into a minimal number of entry points in strategic facial areas and different soft tissue layers in Asians.

Why choose Clique Clinic?

Clique Clinic is the KOL clinic of Beletero product range in Malaysia. Our doctors are well-trained and understand the strengths of each Belotero product. We also developed our own injectable technique called TSST, and this technique is well-known in the industry. Safety, Effective, More Comfortable 

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