EMSculpt Malaysia

What is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is an FDA approved muscle sculpting and toning treatment that can restore your core, sculpt your abdomen, arms, calves, and give your bottom the shape you desire, all with no surgery and no downtime!

EMSculpt applies electromagnetic field to tighten muscles in your abs and butt. It helps increase muscle thickness two months after completing the last treatment, causing supramaximal muscle contraction throughout every 20 to 30 minutes treatment.

What are the benefits of EMSculpt?

Build muscle while reducing fats
• Tone up muscles of your abdomen, arms, calves and lift buttock
• Treatment lasts only in 20 to 30 minutes one glutes and abdominal muscle
• No side effects and completely a safe treatment

Why Clique EMSculpt?

  • Global Key Opinion Leader with certified and highly experienced body contouring specialists performing the treatments.
  • Applying multi-sculpting approach (fat reduction, skin tightening & muscle toning) to meet your desired outcome. 
  • EMsculpt treatment last just 30 mins with 4 sessions recommended scheduled over 2-3 days.
  • Tangible results felt right after the 1st EMsculpt treatment with positive results usually reported two to four weeks after the last session which continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.


A: Adults in good shape who desire more muscle definition of their abs or lifting of the buttocks are ideal candidates for EMSculpt. It is well-suited for those who workout but just can’t seem to get a six-pack or a perky butt. Good candidates are already physically active and adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle.
A: Each treatment takes 30 minutes, twice a week for 2 weeks. Typically, you would see improvement and results 8 weeks after the 4th treatment. For maintenance, you would need one treatment every 3-6 months that goes hand-in-hand with your normal exercise and workout routine.
A: In clinical studies, patients gained 16% muscle mass after 8 weeks of the 4-treatment protocol with EMSculpt
A: Yes. Our studies demonstrate an 11% reduction in diastasis recti following 4 treatments of EMSculpt. Diastasis recti is a medical term describing a separation of the abdominal muscles, as the belly increases in size to accommodate a growing baby. In extreme cases, it can cause a midline hernia (ventral hernia) or bulging of abdominal tissues.
A: The treatment area may be mildly sore, similar to a strenuous training workout. This may last for a day following the treatment.