With the global warming and thinning ozone layer, we are more exposed to the damaging effects of Ulltraviolet (UV) rays than ever. UV rays lead to extrinsic skin ageing, by causing DNA damage to our skin cells. While there are innumerable topical creams on the market, no amount of topically applied product can achieve results comparable to aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation.

Skin Toning Gentle Laser

This is the most common laser treatment, and anyone can benefit from this laser treatment. At Clique, Medlite C6 laser is our doctors’ choice to target and treat pigmentations, giving you an even skin tone and radiant skin.

The whole treatment only takes approximately half an hour, and is associated with minimal discomfort. It’s a cumulative treatment, meaning the more times you do it, the better results you get.

What is even better, you can incorporate this treatment into your maintenance routine. There is no proven unwanted long- term adverse effects for pigment laser treatments.

Side Effects/Down Time: Your skin will be pinkish for about an hour, but you can put makeup on right away. This is something you can do even on the day before an important event.


Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser produces special wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigmented lesions.  The light vibrates and shatters the pigment, breaking the melanin into micro-particles and lightening the lesion. You will notice the spot turning grey or white for a few minutes, a natural response of the skin as it absorbs the energy.  The spot will then turn darker and slough off completely within one or two weeks.

Lasers work well to remove brown age spots, freckles and other brown birthmarks, such as café-au-lait spots and Nevus of Ota, with good results. Laser treatment generally takes several sessions. Maintenance sessions are also needed to prolong the results.

After the laser toning, avoid being exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. You can put on makeup, bathe and do sports as usual.