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Does SculpSure Tighten Skin?

Most common worries by any individual that goes through a treatment that requires fat loss is whether their skin become saggy or tighten at the end of the day. Saggy skin after treatment is not a pretty sight to see and to feel especially when the individual has fought waves and tides to get the ideal body shape they are having right now. Therefore, a clarification is needed to clear the doubts away. Does Sculpsure really tighten the skin?

SculpSure Laser Fat Reduction Treatment And Warm Sculpting

Warm sculpting or known better as Sculpsure is a non-invasive and non-surgical laser fat removal that approved by FDA. It is a safe and revolutionary approach in melting the stubborn fat away in specific area of the body that is hard to get rid even with healthy diet and exercise. It is not suitable for people with obesity. The laser targets the fat cells and causing them to break down and later be flushed out from the body. The process would not cause any damage to the upper layers of the skin with the right laser frequency. A 25 minutes procedure that able to eliminate up to 24% treated fat cells with no downtime, no needles, no surgery and no anesthetic needed.

During the 25 minute treatment, the laser technology heats the targeted fat tissue between 42-47 degrees C and cooling technology is added right after to keep the patient comfortable. The individual can choose to read book, taking nap or anything to make them relax during the session. Most of the treatment is painless. Patient commonly experience a warm or tingling sensation and slight numbness in the treated area. The result can be seen as early as 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

Can SculpSure tighten skin?

Yes, Sculpsure melt fat cells and tightens the skin but only for minimal rate but it is usually not effective for massive degree of excess skin. The skin will naturally tighten after the procedure. The treatment causes the skin to become more firm and toned. The tightening process may feelings of numbness or sensitivity but is typically well-tolerated by most patient.

Number Of Sessions Needed For Skin Tightening

It is not easy to pinpoint the exact number for session needed especially with many patient with different background. One session can roughly reduced 24% of of the fat cells but it safe to say that multiple session brings better result. However, one to three treatments (at the same treated area) are generally recommended to achieve optimal result and each treatment takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

The result is theoretically permanent but it is possible for the fat cells to regenerate due to unhealthy lifestyle that can jeopardize the whole treatment session. Even if the patient choose to do the treatment again and again, it would not be possible if the patient fail to balance the amount of fat getting in and out of their body. Follow-up treatments, healthy diet and exercise for maintaining positive results.

What Body Parts Can Be Targeted For Fat Reduction And Skin Tightening?

The belly, love handles, back, thighs, and double chin is the most common place to target for fat reduction because these are the area that is harder to get rid off even with proper diet and exercise. As the body sculpting process is taking effect on the body, it will tighten the area from having double chin to V shape chin.

Risks And Precautions

Although Sculpsure treatment is considered to be safe and fast to conduct for patient, there is a need to know what can be done to avoid not having the optimal result and major side effect. Thankfully, Sculpsure treatment has no risk of scarring, bleeding or infection since there is no requirement for anesthesia to be used.

Other side effect of Sculpsure that are bound to occur are minimal swelling, redness and light bruising. It will be uncomfortable at first but it will be gone in a week or two. However, numbness in the treated area can last for several weeks. The is no risk for skin damage as the laser would not penetrate the skin’s surface and the cooling effect in the treatment can neutralize the impact to the skin.

Other risk can be controlled if the patient apply five minute massage to the treated area (two times a day for two week) to encourage lymphatic drainage, minimize swelling and further assist the fat cells to be destroyed. Staying indoor one week before and after is necessary to let the exposed skin appropriate for the treatment. Applying sunscreen with high SPF is is useful to avoid sun exposure that can trigger any unnecessary risk after treatment.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is true that Sculpsure can tighten the skin but only for certain degree and not the massive one. The body will naturally tighten the skin over time.

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