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Is SculpSure Permanent?

Getting rid of stubborn fat is challenging. Many control their food intake, pursue a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly yet there are still parts of their body that are resistant to any form of change, be it fat percentage or shape. As an example, having fat underarms even if they are at their ideal weight and have been exercising regularly. Fortunately, such frustrations can now be mitigated with targeted body sculpting procedures like Sculpsure.

But is the treatment safe? Are the results permanent?

What Is Sculpsure Treatment?

Sculpture is a non-surgical fat removal treatment that uses laser heat to destroy fat cells in the targeted areas. While it has shown great results for both men and women with a variety of body types, it is typically recommended for individual with body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less. It is not intended for the purpose of weight loss but rather to get rid of stubborn fat on specific parts of body. SculpSure is not an effective option for individuals that struggles with obesity.
A SculpSure session is quick and painless with little to no side effects. It is safe with no scarring or bruising. All in all it is an efficient treatment for targeted fat loss with long lasting natural results if the patient does not gain weight post-treatment.

Effectiveness In Fat Reduction

SculpSure involves using a hands-free heat laser (apoptosis) device which emits specific wavelengths to melt the fat cells underneath the skin. The device comes with cooling plates that helps to remove the intensity of the heat. By manipulating the changes in temperature, targeted fat cells are permanently destroyed. The procedure is quick, comfortable and offers great results. Patient can relax, read or even nap during the procedure. A session usually takes about 25 minutes and is able to destroy up to 24% treated fat cells. However, it takes about three months for noticeable results. For the first 12 weeks after the procedure, the body lymphatic system work to naturally flush the eliminated fat cells out as waste. Patient will enjoy permanent fat loss in the treated areas as long as he/she does not gain weight. SculpSure is time-efficient as well because it allows up to four different areas to be treated simultaneously in a 25 minute session.

How does it work ?

The SculpSure plates are attached to the target body parts and during the 25 minute treatment, direct laser energy are directed to the fat cells. The lasers break the cells down and destroy them. For up to three months after the session, the body’s lymphatic system periodically removes the destroyed fat cells from the body. In general, visible impact from SculpSure can be noticed after 6 weeks from the date of treatment. The best results however, will only be evident after three months.

Body Areas That Are Treated

The treatment area for SculpSure includes upper abdominal area, lower abdominal area, flanks, love handles and double chin.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

Improvement can be noticed as early as six weeks where the treated fat cells are eliminated during the treatment and will not regenerate. To get the best result, it is the best recommendation to receive two or three sessions in the same area. As long as the patient managed to balance the amount of fat getting and and from their body by keeping up with healthy diet and exercise plan, then the result is theoretically permanent. If the patient failed to balance their amount of fat, all the effort will be gone to waste and they need to get more treatment in the same area. It is a pricey procedure and therefore, it is only the best thing thing to do is by maintaining body fat consistency in body.

Post Treatment Management And Care

Side effects of Sculpsure include minimal swelling, redness and light bruising. It will be gone in a week or two. However numbness in the treated area can last for several weeks.

It is recommended to apply five-minute massages to the treated area two times a day for two weeks to encourage lymphatic drainage, minimize swelling and further assist in the elimination of the fat cells. It is also advisable to stay indoor or avoiding the sun one week before and one week after treatment. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid the sun exposure as much as the patient can.

Healing Time

Sculpsure is noninvasive and nonsurgical cosmetic body procedure that has little to no recovery time, thanks to the non usage of incisions or anesthesia . Once the patient has gone through the treatment, they can return to do their daily activities right away.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sculpsure is proven to bring theoretically permanent result to the patient as long the patient stay discipline with their body fat. Following post management and care, optimal result can be achieved successfully.

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