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Ultherapy SPT provides proven, customizable results in a single treatment for most patients. It is FDA cleared and offers long lasting results with no surgery and downtime.
Thus not surprisingly, after nearly a decade of clinical studies and positive track record worldwide, Ultheraphy is recognized as one of the best face and neck lifting procedures for all skin types and ethnicity.

Such consistent and great results however, isn’t just about the technology, as amazing as Ultherapy is.

Since one size definitely does not fit all, it is crucial that every individual’s treatment is customised. Whether it is for an ideal case or cases requiring more complex customization, the Ultherapy® SPT protocol provides Ultherapy users worldwide a thorough, systematic and proven framework to further improve treatment outcomes.

Eliminating guesswork and misdiagnoses, this precise and methodical approach had helped doctors achieve even higher patient satisfaction and treatment success.

So what is ULTHERAPY SPT exactly?

Ultherapy SPT Ultherapy See Plan Treat

Ultherapy SPT refers to Ultherapy’s novel method of planning and recording treatment. The three basic components of this advanced treatment method are:
Ultherapy SPT - See

SEE: The process begins with a consultation prior to the first Ultherapy session. The  ®  in the Ultherapy machine allows doctors to check below your skin’s surface and with this information he/she assesses the depth, thickness and distribution of target tissue layers for the Plan and Treat stages.

Ultherapy SPT - Plan

PLAN: Patient’s customised treatment plan based on the relevant target tissues as identified in the SEE stage is mapped out. Depending on skin condition, the  –   on Upper Face, Mid-Face, Lower Face and Neck may be different.

Ultherapy SPT - Treat

TREAT: The doctor will safely administer energy to the target tissues and record the treatment lines and intensity. This precise documentation will help doctors monitor and ensure optimum results, translating to higher patient satisfaction and treatment success.

To help determine the individualized treatment approach, patients are categorized into three treatment subtypes: standard, modified and customized.

So now that you know what to expect when you invest in Ultherapy, the next question would be, are you a candidate for  ULTHERAPY?

First let’s understand how your skin ages:

Your skin on the face, neck and hands (which is exposed to intrinsic and extrinsic factors) displays the most obvious signs of aging.

If you see these signs of ageing when you look at the mirror, OR you wish to avoid having such aging skin, Ultheraphy can help.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dull skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Visible and larger pores
  • Age spots and blotchiness
  • Rough skin texture
  • Dry skin

The key to Ultherapy effectiveness is its ability to target variation in treatment depths and administer energy to where it matters most, kick-starting the cell-repair process and collagen synthesis.

Our skin consists of different layers with different structure and functions so not every layer is equal for anti-aging treatment purposes. The layers to be targeted for each part of the face is different for every individual.

In nutshell, the SPT documentation is thorough and provides clear guidance for Ultherapy treatment. Since Ultherapy requires follow up sessions (depending on skin condition), such clear records are essential for subsequent treatment planning.


Ultherapy® SPT allows doctors to maximize the obtainable benefits of Ultherapy and promotes accurate, appropriate and successful treatments for a greater number of patients.

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