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Digital Peel: The death of PICO laser?

Why Digital Peel at Clique Clinic?

Effective and safe, Digital Peel is an advanced form of skin peeling treatment that provide deeper exfoliation and skin resurfacing without the need for downtime or invasive procedures. Compared to similar laser options such as Picosecond laser and Q-Switched, Digital Peel has the added benefit of improving the skin microenvironment, making it a more effective treatment option for a range of skin concerns.



The microenvironment inside the skin refers to the environment and conditions within the layers of the skin that can impact its function and health. The skin is a complex organ made up of different layers, structures, and cells. These work together to provide protection, sensation, and regulation of body temperature.

Within these layers, the microenvironment plays an essential role for overall skin health and function.

For example, the epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. It is responsible for protecting the body from environmental stressors. The epidermis contains a complex network of cells, including keratinocytes, melanocytes which work together to protect and regulate the skin.

The dermis, which lies beneath the epidermis, contains blood vessels, nerves and fibroblasts that provide nourishment, sensation, and support for the skin.

The microenvironment within the skin can be influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, age, stress, diet, and environmental factors such as UV radiation and pollution. These factors can impact the function of the skin cells, alter the balance within the skin, and lead to skin damage and aging.

“Understanding the microenvironment within the skin is important for developing effective treatments for skin conditions and maintaining skin health. As clinicians, we study the microenvironment of the skin to better understand the mechanisms of skin aging, inflammation, and disease, and to develop new therapies and strategies for improving skin health and function,” Dr Hannah explains.

In a nutshell, to achieve optimal results from any skin improvement or aesthetic treatments, it is crucial to focus on the skin microenvironment.

“The market is flooded with clinics offering Picosecond as the solution for almost every skin concern. While Picosecond laser is a better technology than older lasers like the Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers, it did not solve the problem of unhealthy microenvironment deep within the skin, which leads to recurrence and sometimes worsening of the pigmentary disorders. Therefore many patients that solely rely on Picosecond lasers will have plateauing results or worsening results after a certain period of time,” she continued.


At Clique, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in our patients’ skin with the use of Sylfirm X and Plinest. These treatments offer real and visible improvements for a wide range of skin concerns. It is not just our doctors who vouch for the efficacy of these treatments, but skin experts worldwide have been using them for years with excellent results. The consensus among experts is that “real patients’ results do not lie.”

In the right hands, the Sylfirm X and Plinest can revolutionise how we restore skin health, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

For anti-aging and skin issues such as acne or melasma, Dr Hannah’s recommendation is to first restore the skin environment, or depending on skin condition and patient’s lifestyle, the ideal treatment could be a multi-modality combination of procedures. Digital Peel, the new revolutionary FDA approved device can then help to expedite the skin turnover, which helps reveals new, fresh and glowing skin surface.


Skin turnover is the process by which new skin cells are produced and replace old or damaged skin cells. The skin turnover process involves the shedding of dead skin cells and the production of new skin cells, which move up to the surface of the skin to replace the old ones. This turnover process typically takes about 28 to 30 days in healthy, young skin, but it can slow down as we age, taking as much as 16 weeks for those in their 30s, leading to a buildup of dead skin cells and a dull, uneven complexion.

By leveraging the power of Digital Peel to safely stimulate the skin turnover process, we can reveal new, healthy skin and improve the overall appearance of the skin in a shorter time frame. Digital Peel allows new, healthy skin to emerge faster and thus patients see results from their other treatments such as Plinest, which rejuvenates skin from within, faster too.

Digital Peel is our choice of skin peeling treatment as it is much gentler than chemical peels, micro needling and lasers. Strong peeling treatments and high energy lasers may be more forceful in removing the outer layer of the skin, which although it works, could potentially increase skin vulnerability or cause complications.


Digital Peel - CLIQUE CLINIC

The Digital Peel treatment is recommended at intervals of once a month or every 4-6 weeks. For individuals with acne or melasma concerns, it is highly recommended to combine the Digital Peel with Sylfirm X for optimal results. In addition, a combination of Plinest, Sylfirm X, and Digital Peel is highly effective in preserving a youthful appearance.

To sum up, the Digital Peel treatment helps to speed up the skin turnover process, resulting in the unveiling of new and younger-looking skin. Furthermore, it can enhance the results of other treatments and speed up the time frame in which they become visible. For those seeking a quick boost before a red carpet event or special occasion, the Digital Peel is an excellent pre-treatment choice as the results leave the skin looking fresh, radiant and glowing.



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Dr Hannah Lo Fui Jun

Dr. Hannah Lo Fui Jun is a certified aesthetic physician with over 8 years of experience in the field. She obtained her medical degree (MBChB) from the prestigious University of Birmingham in the UK and is a certified LCP by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Dr. Hannah is a highly sought-after speaker, and she actively participates in ongoing academic studies to stay at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. Her commitment to education extends to being a trainer for the ELLANSE Train The Trainers program. With a strong presence on social media, Dr. Hannah engages with her audience, sharing insights and expertise to empower individuals on their aesthetic journey.

Dr. Hannah holds certifications such as the AAAM CERT and Medical Aesthetic Certificate, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in the field. Her area of expertise encompasses a wide range of treatments, including skin rejuvenation, facial aesthetics using injectables and fillers, and body contouring. Dr Hannah's particular interest lies in facial anti-aging solutions and post-partum women's health, reflecting her dedication to empowering patients throughout all stages of life.

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