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How Many Sessions Of Sculpsure Do You Need?

Clarity. Knowing the exact number of treatment is necessary especially for the individual that have certain quota of budget to spend on treatment. For the individual that is busy with work, they have to calculate how much trip they should make to the aesthetic clinic. Knowing the answer bring great difference in considering to choose this treatment.

SculpSure Laser Treatment For Fat Reduction

Sculpsure is a non surgical and non invasive treatment that uses laser technology to eliminate unwanted fat cells from body. As the laser is targeted to the treatment area, the high temperature will break them down and and later be flushed out from the body. The process only takes 25 minutes and less painful in comparison to other body-contouring procedure. This type of treatment works for the kind of individual with normal body mass index (BMI) that has difficulty in getting rid of fat in specific area even if they have been living healthy and exercise religiously. An obesity individual is not recommended to get this treatment because the aim is to eliminate stubborn fat in certain area and not focusing in getting rid off massive weight lost. Sculpsure has little to no recovery time that allows the patient to proceed with their daily activities after treatment without a hitch. The process will not cause any damage to the epidermis layers of skin with the right laser frequency. A 25 minutes procedure that able to melt away up to 24% treated fat cells with no downtime, no needles, no surgery and no anesthetic. The result can be seen as early as 6 weeks. 12 weeks for the optimal result.

SculpSure is not meant to be a replaced the healthy diet and regular exercise. The patient still need to maintain their previous activity for the factor of consistency in fat cell. The patient need to balance the amount of fat getting in and out from their body.

Body Areas That Are Treated Using Sculpsure

The treated area includes upper and lower abdomen, the left and right of love handle, the inner and outer thigh, the arms and the back. This is the specific part of body that fat is harder to get rid off. The exercise and healthy diet cannot do the justice. This is the reason to get Sculpsure to fix the problem.

Number of Sessions of SculpSure Needed 

Number of sessions needed for every individual is varied. Some result can be seen by only one session and some requires multiple treatment on the same treated area to get the result that they wishes for. All depends on the complexity of patient’s body. If there is a need to exactly pinpoint the accurate amount of Sculpsure treatment, two or three session in the same area is recommended by the doctors.

What Is The Ideal Amount Of Time Between Each Session?

The ideal amount of time between each session is 6-8 weeks between treatments on the same areas. Although the patient can choose to treat as many area as the patient wants, it is not recommended to treat the same area within the same day. The body needs to be ready before conducting a new Sculpsure session.

 Factors To Consider Before Going For SculpSure Treatment

It has been commercialized all over the internet that Sculpsure is the best option to melt small part of fat away as it only takes 25 minutes to conduct, a non surgical and non invasive with little to no recovery, no needles and no anesthetic but only certain individual can be listed to get Sculpsure treatment. The factor of age, body area and level of treatment required is the condition to follow.


There is no exactly limit of age for Sculpsure. Individuals below 18 years old should get parent’s permission in advance and individuals around 70+ of age can still undergo the treatment. The effect on the aging with Sculpsure treatment is that the older the patient is, the more time needed for optimal result to take place and the higher the chance of them having to get through multiple session on the same area. The individual in 30-40+ is prone to have more effective and faster result from the 70+ of age.

Body area

An ideal body shape for the patient should be in the normal zone or close for body mass index (BMI). Preferably within 10-20 pounds of ideal weight with BMI under 20. The area of treatment should not have a lot of fat cells to eliminated (a patient with an obesity). SculpSure can’t reduce the overall body fat levels. Someone with stubborn fat around the tummy, love handles, thighs and back is well suited for the treatment.

Level of treatment required

The level of treatment depends on the body complexity of the patient. Therefore, there might be a chance for the patient to get through multiple session required in order to achieve their best result.

Is It Required To Keep Visiting After The Treatment?

If the patient starts showing serious side effects or in need for consultation regarding their treated area after the treatment for the sake of clarification, then it is required for them.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the number of session needed for Sculpsure can be as little as one and can be more than three to get the optimal result. All depends on their body complexity.

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