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What Are The Side Effects Of SculpSure?

The number one fear for every individual that chooses any kind of treatment is by how much pain and side effect being inflicted upon them after the procedure. Some treatment has little to no side effects at all and some are serious and bring more harm than good to the body and skin. Scuplsure treatment is considered as safe option of treatment to choose from but a person can never be too sure.

Why is SculpSure Laser Treatment Required?

The reason for Sculpsure treatment to be the choice of many is because it is a non surgical and non invasive treatment that can melt away the stubborn fat cells by using laser technology. The heat from the laser is able to break down the fat cells before being flushed away right after. The laser technology will not cause any harm to the epidermis level of skin with the right frequency and the cooling technology will make sure that only the fat cells in the treated area is the only part that being affected. The factor of having fast procedure (25 minutes per session), little to no recovery time (allows patient to continue with daily activities after treatment), no needles, no surgery and no anesthetic is few of the reason why people are willing to take this treatment as their perfect chance to get their perfect aesthetic body. One session alone can get rid of 24% treated fat cells. To keep in mind, this treatment is only for the individuals with normal body mass index (BMI) that cannot simply get rid fat at specific area even if they are practicing healthy lifestyle and exercising religiously and not for an obesity patient that struggles for weight loss. Sculpsure is considered as theoretically permanent treatment to eliminate fat cells for good but it does not mean that the individual should quit from their healthy lifestyle. In order for the result to remain consistent, the individual should balance the amount of fat getting in and out of their body. 6 weeks is the minimum time for the effect to take place, 12 weeks for optimal result.

What parts of the body is it useful on?

Upper and lower abdomen, the left and right of love handle, the inner and outer thigh, the arms and the back is the part of body that suitable for Sculpsure treatment. This is the specific part of body that fat is harder to get rid off even with balanced diet and exercise.

How effective is SculpSure vs CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is slightly better than Sculpsure. The verdict behind the statement is due to  the efficiency of Coolsculpting that have more clinical data to support it. When it comes to client satisfaction, Coolsculpting is the answer, even though the result is almost similar between two treatments.

What are the side effects of Sculpsure fat reduction treatment?

Sculpsure is a painless treatment with minor side effects such as slight swelling, tingling and redness in the treatment area but it will be gone after few days. However, the numbness will take a week or two to fully gone. Majority of patient experiences no pain and can immediately continue with their daily activities after the 25 minutes of session. There is no recovery time. However, patients with a history of skin cancer, HIV, or nerve problems may require additional evaluation before proceeding with the treatment. The laser treatment may trigger certain types of skin condition.

After care tips for Sculpsure

As soon as the treatment is over, it is recommended to take a few minutes of rest because the mild discomfort that are felt is similar to how the muscle should be after intense work out session. Massage the treated area exercising the same day can help the body to break down the fatty tissue. For the massage, simply rub the area gently for 5-10 minutes twice a day. It will help in increasing blood flow to the treated area and reduce swelling. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water for the rest of the days and weeks afterwards. In the following weeks, no special activity is needed as the patient should start to see changes in body shape after six weeks of treatment.

For the best results, the patient should eat healthily, exercise regularly, drinks lots of water (1.6-2 litres) and massage the treated area each day. This will keep the body to remained contoured over the long term. Follow-up consultation after treatment is needed to check the progress. As long as the patient stay true to their healthy lifestyle, the result will be theoretically permanent.

The patient should avoid sunbathe at any time during the week leading up to the treatment. They should wait at least seven days after treatment before lie out in the sun.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sculpsure treatment has minimal side effect to the body and can be considered as a safe option to eliminate the fat cells permanently under certain condition to obey.

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