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Welcome to the Smooth Body Pro study, where we’re exploring the effectiveness of CoolSculpting in achieving smoother body skin. Join us in this innovative research aimed at revolutionising body contouring techniques.

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Study Overview:

At Smooth Body Pro, we’re conducting a comprehensive study to evaluate the impact of CoolSculpting on skin texture and body contour. 

Our research involves:

  • Following a prescribed treatment plan designed specifically for the study.
  • Periodic assessments are crucial in determining the suitability of individuals for the study.
  • Baseline evaluation and a follow-up assessment after 2 months post-treatment.

Participant Requirements:

To participate in the study, individuals must:

  • Commit to following the prescribed treatment plan.
  • Consent to assessments, data collection, and evaluations.
  • Agree to the use of photos for publication and marketing.
  • Fulfill specific eligibility criteria, to be determined during consultation.

Things you should know before submission:

Smooth Body Pro Study adheres strictly to ethical standards and legal regulations governing research studies. Our study is conducted in accordance with CoolSculpting by Abbvie. We prioritise participant safety, privacy, and confidentiality throughout the research process.

As a participant in the Smooth Body Pro Study, your consent is paramount. We ensure that you’re fully informed about the study’s objectives, procedures, and potential risks before enrollment. You’ll be provided with a detailed consent form that outlines the study’s purpose, your rights as a participant, and the intended use of collected data and photographs. Your voluntary participation is greatly valued, and you have the liberty to withdraw at any stage of the study.

All data collected during the Smooth Body Pro Study is handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for research purposes. Personal information is kept secure and will not be shared or disclosed without your explicit consent. We utilise industry-standard security measures to safeguard your data against unauthorised access or misuse. Your participation in this study contributes significantly to advancements in body contouring research.

We respect your privacy. Any photographs taken during the study for evaluation purposes will only be used for publication and Clique Clinic marketing with your explicit consent. Your identity will be protected, and any published materials will be done so with anonymity or as per your preferences outlined in the consent form.

Throughout your involvement in the Smooth Body Pro Study, you retain full rights as a participant. You have the right to ask questions, seek clarification, and request information regarding the study procedures, risks, and benefits. Your decision to join the Smooth Body Pro CoolSculpting study is voluntary. You can withdraw at any time without facing consequences.

Please note, the participation fee is non-refundable. This fee covers study-related costs and is not subject to refund, regardless of withdrawal. We encourage thoughtful consideration before enrolling. This concise statement maintains clarity on the voluntary nature of participation and the non-refundable aspect of the fee, ensuring potential participants understand both conditions upfront.


Enrollment Process:

Interested in being part of this groundbreaking study? Fill out the enquiry form below to initiate the process. We’ll arrange a consultation to determine your eligibility and suitability for the study.


An administration fee of RM5000 is required to cover the costs associated with running the study. Further details will be provided during the consultation process.


Please note that participation in the Smooth Body Pro study does not guarantee acceptance, as eligibility will be assessed during the consultation.

Ready to Participate?

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