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TempSure or Thermage ? 

Both the Thermage and TempSure systems promise non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that can help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance. Treatments are delivered using a handpiece and the settings are adjustable allowing the medical practitioner to customise every session for optimum delivery for each patient. Non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapies like Thermage and TempSure are ideal for patients who desires effective skin tightening outcome, but do not want to undergo surgery and cannot or will not tolerate any downtime.

The similarities between Thermage and TempSure have lead to both curiosity and confusion among patients. Popular queries are “Is TempSure or Thermage better? Why should I choose one over the other? Is Tempsure or Thermage safe? Which offers permanent or long-lasting results?“

In this chat with Dr Lim Ting Song, he breaks down the core 4 criteria that made TempSure his RF [radio-frequency] skin tightening therapy of choice.

Patient Comfort

As a medical practitioner, delivering results with no downtime or minimal discomfort is of utmost priority.
If patients are comfortable, they are likely to recover quicker and relate to the treatment experience with a positive mindset. A sense of comfort during one’s healthcare interaction is associated with positive patient–staff relationships, earning trust for the long-term.

“With the advancements in medical aesthetics, there is no reason to feel “tortured” during a treatment. Undeniably the pain tolerance of every individual differs, but the treatment should be tolerable and as doctors, we seek treatments that offers low or no downtime, no to low risks and a pleasant session,” Dr Lim said.

With Thermage, the temperature is standardised which translates to less control on energy delivery regardless of skin issues and patient tolerance. On the other hand, Tempsure offers the doctor the ability to monitor the skin temperature continuously and in real time. This allows a patient’s skin to be heated to the perfect temperature quickly and efficiently. With Tempsure Envi’s continuous real-time temperature monitor there is no lost treatment effect or complications due to uneven skin temperature heating.


While both Thermage and TempSure are monopoly radio frequency (MRF) energy that aim to firm up loose skin on the face and body, TempSure MRF is able to penetrate heat deeper into the dermis. In comparison, older monopolar radiofrequency treatments like Thermage are more superficial, limiting its efficacy. Another plus for Tempsure is its capability for flexible customisable treatment protocols with more device settings options. Tempsure make treatment area targeting possible and being able to earmark specific parts of the skin leads to better treatment outcome. In contrast, a Thermage protocol is manual and preplanned, and less control may increase complications.


Radiofrequency skin tightening is considered safe and effective. The FDA has approved it for reducing the appearance of wrinkles on skin.
Although pain is avoided, it is useful as feedback, not only for reasons of patient comfort but, more importantly, for patient safety. However severe pain must be avoided, as excessive pain indicates excessive heating of the tissues. Hence a more customisable machine like Tempsure is preferred as the doctor could manage the intensity of energy and ensure no to low risk of skin burns, which unfortunately had happened before with older RF energy devices.


The new bipolar RF technology used in the latest medical aesthetic devices such as Tempsure proved to be effective, noninvasive, and easy to use. The improvement in the treated areas is progressive and continues to be apparent several months after the last session. During a Tempsure session, multiple passes at moderate energy settings are delivered and this yields substantial and consistent efficacy. The result, although subtle, is nevertheless achieved without significant downtime. This treatment protocol is favoured over the maximum tolerable energy applied in a single pass protocol which is how the Thermage protocol works.

Last but not least, with better customisable options, a bespoke treatment plan can be designed to include the best possible outcome as well as specific interventions that may be required during the course of the treatment duration.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Anyone can benefit from a skin tightening procedure.
The high energy delivered by the radiofrequency denatures collagen in the targeted area, resulting in subsequent collagen remodelling. The new collagen production will give your skin more support and firmness, thus resulting in a smoother, sleeker, and younger-looking version of yourself.
While you can see dramatic results after just one treatment session, a realistic treatment protocol is 2-3 sessions yearly and full results can be observed after 3 months.
A session typically can last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the location and size of the area to be treated, with little to no downtime afterwards.Tempsure is gender-neutral and Asian skin friendly too.

Is TempSure permanent?

You will see some tightening after your first treatment although it continues to improve over the three to six weeks thereafter. Though the collagen generated from TempSure® Envi is permanent, gravity continues to be a force to be reckoned with, so touch up sessions every 6 to 12 months will help keep you looking your best.

As no one individual skin is exactly the same as another, a consultation is required to ascertain the best treatment for optimum results. Let our doctors determine an individual treatment plan based on your skin and your desired results.

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