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TempSure with Plinest or Profhilo

Regardless of treatments, our doctors require all patients, old or new, to have a consultation session prior to any treatment plans. A consultation is crucial as our doctors will need to see and evaluate your skin quality prior to recommending any form of treatments.

Good skin quality forms the core foundation for the best treatment outcome. Our skin needs to be prepared and rehabilitated from within before it can reap the benefits from any energy-based device treatments that may be part of the overall treatment plan.

We term this ‘skin remodelling’, which can be one or a series of procedures that targets problem areas directly, on either the face or body, jumpstarting collagen production, a process within the skin that contributes to healthy, youthful skin.
For bio-regenerative skin boosters, our proven favourites are Plinest and Profhilo. Most of our patients experienced dramatic changes and saw very synergistic results with combined modalities of Plinest, Profhilo and energy based device treatments.

Plinest is a regenerative gel that works to promote skin bio-revitalisation and restore collagen while Profhilo is a skin bio-remodeling injectable that offers significant tightening and lifting effects. Together with an energy-based device such as Tempsure/Ultherapy/Sylfirm X, it is possible to take years off your face and regain the smooth, tight skin of your youth.

What is Skin Quality?

Dr Lim Ting Song defines skin quality in terms of 4 SQQs  (Skin Quality Quadrants) which are :

  1.  SKIN SURFACE EVENNESS – even skin surface, no bumps, balanced, harmonious complexion
  2.  SKIN TONE EVENNESS: – clear skin with no pigmentation or sun spots
  3.  SKIN FIRMNESS:- firm, lifted skin, no deep lines or wrinkles
  4.  SKIN GLOW:- face possesses a healthy glow and overall radiance

As we age, the 4 Skin Quality Quadrants suffer due to dehydration, loss of collagen and sun exposure. In order to begin optimum skin-remodelling and repair, our doctors would begin the restoration process with Plinest or/and Profhilo.

PLINEST is a Skin Bio-Regenerative Injectable” or ‘Skin Rejuvenator ’. It is not a filler. Made of DNA fragments extracted from Italian high quality trout fish, also known as Polynucleotides Highly Purified Technology (PN-HPT®), Plinest is an original formula from Italy.

Plinest is popular for its ability to trigger self-repair and regeneration capabilities within our skin with no irritations or complications due to its high bio- compatible polynucleotides. It offers high efficacy for anti-aging concerns since it rebuilds skin health from within by stimulating collagen and regenerating fibroblast (a type of cell that contributes to skin healing). It is an intensive treatment for mature skin type, and targeted for anti-aging.

The latest addition to the Plinest family is NEWEST®, which shares similar traits with the original Plinest, plus added benefits from HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and MN (Mannitol). In short, NEWEST® is an upgraded formulation of the bio revitalisation qualities of the original PN-HPT™ (Plinest) plus the hydrating qualities of HA and both of these qualities are prolonged by MN (Mannitol).

Meanwhile Profhilo works by stimulating of 4 variants of collagen and elastin through the slow release of HA (Hyaluronic Acid).
This process results in significant skin tissue improvement and also boasts an impressive tightening/lifting effect on the skin. Two treatments are generally recommended. The 1st dose of hyaluronic acid gradually activates collagen and elastin production and the 2nd dose elevates the final outcome to boost hydration, collagen rejuvenation and firmness from within.

A collagen stimulation device using radiofrequency (RF) technology. An energy-based device can enhance the collagen growth process triggered earlier by Plinest or Profhilo.

TempSure (RF) with Plinest (skin rejuvenation) Or Profhilo?

How would the combination of Plinest/Profhilo and Tempsure work?

Dr Lim recommends to prime the skin with a session of Plinest as Polynucleotides Highly Purified Technology (PN-HPT®) will optimise the skin environment for cell repair and fibroblast growth. A session of Tempsure should follow a week after. The radiofrequency based Tempsure triggers further collagen growth at different depths of the skin and promotes further collagen synthesis. The 2nd Plinest injection should be between 2-3 weeks after Tempsure. That means the 2nd injectable is a month after the first. The 3rd injectable can be Plinest or Profhilo, depending on the skin progression.

All in all, a full treatment protocol should consist of minimum 3 injectables and 2 sessions of energy based treatment such as Tempsure. Bio-generative injectables like Plinest can prime the skin and boost the effectiveness of other treatments when used in combination with lasers/micro-needling procedures.
It is never too late for self-improvement, be it mentally, physically, or in this case, for our skin. Since cell regeneration is possible, we are able to produce new, healthy cells and get rid of old, damaged ones.

 With Profhilo and Tempsure, this process can be accelerated and in a safe and effective manner.

We have patients who have seen improved skin texture instantly but the best results require an average of 5 sessions, spaced 3-4 weeks apart.
TEMPSURE: 2-3 times yearly

Every 6-9 months
TEMPSURE: 2-3 times yearly

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Dr. Hannah holds certifications such as the AAAM CERT and Medical Aesthetic Certificate, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in the field. Her area of expertise encompasses a wide range of treatments, including skin rejuvenation, facial aesthetics using injectables and fillers, and body contouring. Dr Hannah's particular interest lies in facial anti-aging solutions and post-partum women's health, reflecting her dedication to empowering patients throughout all stages of life.

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