Potenza Microneedling

Potenza RF Microneedling Treatment Malaysia (Skin Tightening) https://youtu.be/-5OFWfgMIhg Potenza RF Microneedling: A Comprehensive Guide to Skin Revitalisation Potenza RF Microneedling is an advanced skin rejuvenation procedure that combines radiofrequency (RF) energy with microneedling to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in firmer, tighter, and more youthful-looking skin. This comprehensive guide…

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The Power of Oligio vs Ultherapy for skin tightening

The Power of Oligio vs Ultherapy for skin tightening 

In a landscape where new skin tightening technologies and devices emerge frequently, Oligio has risen to prominence as one of the most popular options. While Ultherapy is widely recognized as the leading treatment, Oligio offers its own unique features that make it a compelling alternative or complementary treatment to Ultherapy. (more…)

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Oligio Lifting Treatment Malaysia (For Skin Tightening & Facelift) https://youtu.be/4gZOEkp1cHo Oligio Malaysia Oligio is a non-invasive face lifting and skin quality improvement treatment that uses high power radiofrequency integrated with unique OSCA™ technology to help regenerate collagen in the skin, tighten and rejuvenate the skin with more comfort, fast treatment,…

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Ultherapy 是一种非侵入性的紧肤疗程。随着非侵入紧肤疗程变得越来越先进和层出不穷的紧肤疗程。关于 Ultherapy 的知识,以下是您应该了解的。它使用超声波来提升皮肤和面部特征。 (more…)

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Things people don’t tell you about Ultherapy

Things people don’t tell you about Ultherapy Ultherapy My Youth Secret We get lots of questions about Ultherapy - a non-surgical treatment that uses micro focused ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin — so I’ve done a short explanation, talking about why it is seen as a controversial treatment,…

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Sylfirm X Malaysia

Sylfirm X Treatment Malaysia (Skin Rejuvenation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_6tyeS_fcAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dSMHxKVDZU&t=1s Why Sylfirm X at Clique Clinic? Being the trendsetter aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, Clique Clinic is the first clinic to bring in Sylfirm and Sylfirm X into the countryWith strong numbers of cases performed, Clique Clinic has successfully treated many difficult cases with…

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