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Types of Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

With the global warming and thinning ozone layer, we are more exposed to the damaging effects of Ulltraviolet (UV) rays than ever. UV rays lead to extrinsic skin ageing, by causing DNA damage to our skin cells. You may have spent too much time exposed under the blazing sun, you…

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Not All Dermal Fillers Are Created Equal

What are the differences between Belotero Hyaluronic acid and Radiesse Plus Calcium Hydroxyapatite  A short article by body contouring expert Dr Bob John, Clique Clinic Dermal filler injections are currently the number two most commonly performed non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the US, losing out only to Botulinum Toxin A injections,…

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Clique Clinic Bloopers

Lighter side of things... Living in a multilingual society we are bound to encounter some pretty funny incidences related to language. Very commonly we encounter the Malaysian English or Manglish where some of the phrases are directly translated from the original language. Here are a list of funny bloopers that…

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