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Does EMSculpt Neo really work

You’ll receive a range of responses if you ask individuals why they spend hours each week at the gym or spend a lot of money on pilates sessions. Some people’s response is as straightforward as “I want abs.” Even though genetics frequently have a significant role in whether or not those ab muscles can pop, a developed core has long been lauded as the ultimate representation of fitness. A specific diet and training programme can undoubtedly help you get the look of Britney Spears from 1999, but a new treatment called EMSculpt Neo claims to significantly speed up your progress and just requires a few half-hour sessions.

According to RealSelf, the science is as follows: EMSculpt Neo (the second generation of EMSculpt) is an FDA-approved device that combines HIFEM technology with radiofrequency energy in the form of heat. It generates 24,000 “supramaximal contractions” while also employing RF energy to increase blood supply to muscle tissues for increased volume and to break down fat cells by heating the fat layer.

While fat loss is permanent, muscle tone deteriorates over time if not properly maintained.

If you do not actively engage muscles, your muscle strength will return to its original state. Like any other workout, if you work out and go to the gym on a regular basis, you will see an increase in muscle bulk and strength. Dr Lim Ting Song says.

He explains that while surgery such as liposuction can remove more fat than EMSculpt Neo, EMSculpt Neo may be a better option for some people due to the lack of downtime.

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A good candidate is someone who has some subcutaneous fat tissue but not a lot of fatty tissue and wants to improve their muscle strength and definition,” he says. “The results will not be visible if someone is extremely overweight.” However, if their goal is simply to increase core strength and muscle strength, then anyone is a good candidate. If you’re overweight, the muscle may not show through the layers of fat, but it can still improve your core strength.”

So, did EmSculpt Neo work?  “Yes, my core was more defined: specifically, the lines are far more prominent. Despite the fact that I’m a regular exerciser, that line faded quickly after I paused my regular HIIT workouts during the pandemic, and I hadn’t been able to regain it until my EMSculpt Neo treatments.” A true story from our patient.

Another patient had share with us of his story. “EMSculpt Neo didn’t make my body look any different, which would have made me more impressed. Instead, it was how the treatments helped me improve my workout regimen and enabled me to challenge myself a little more.”

Days after my third session of EMSculpt Neo treatment, I attended a spin class and noticed that my posture on the bike had substantially improved. I didn’t need to constantly remind myself to contract my abdominal muscles and raise my shoulders. After my second session, I discovered that I could hold a plank for much longer than I had ever been able to. I had placed HIIT and strength classes on the back burner in favour of cardio-based programmes, at-home cycle routines, and vertical climbing exercises, but my newly discovered core strength motivated me to return to them.

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