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EMSculpt Neo Review

Many people don’t see result after EMSculpt Neo. Why?

80% of our patients are satisfied with the result after at least 6 sessions of EMSculpt Neo in Clique Clinic.

Few things you should know before proceed for treatment.

Authenticity and Safety

Make you the service provider is use the AUTHENTICED EMSculpt Neo machine. Not the other EMSxxx, EMSCxxx or any EMSculpt xxx machines. Safety, the counterfeit machine does give you any safety assurance. You probably get burned due to unstable RF energy. In terms of result, we are confident to say you will see improvement after 6 sessions of EMSculpt Neo. If you are the right candidate.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Some patients would satisfied with the protocol (6 sessions of EMSculpt Neo), as they are only looking for better definition or a booster before their beach holiday. Certain patients might need more than the standard protocol. For example: Diastasis Recti patient.

This is one of our patients who has diastasis recti and undergo a combination treatment of EMSculpt Neo, EMSculpt and EMTone.

EMSculpt Neo Review

Also, we have patient with diastasis recti are happy with just 6 sessions of EMSculpt Neo.

EMSculpt Neo Abdominal Separation

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