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X Factors Treatment the Newest Regenerative Aesthetics: Stem Cell Exosome & Sylfirm X


Clique doctors are consistently on the look out for newer, improved and safe medical aesthetics technology.

In 2016 our team was one of the pioneers in Malaysia in using the Sylfirm system.  When Sylfirm X was launched a year ago, our doctors tested it and found Sylfirm X to be a notable upgrade from its predecessor . This conclusion was based on treating a large pool of real patients with different skin conditions and lifestyle, and the results proves that Sylfirm X offers extraordinary results for comprehensive skin rejuvenation and firming treatments.

Leveraging on the power of Sylfirm X, our doctors are currently combining Sylfirm X with exosomes. The goal is to accelerate the skin rejuvenation process and using the power of stem cells.


So, what are exosomes?

Exosomes are essentially tiny sac-like structures that are formed inside a cell and contain some of the cell’s proteins. In medical terms, it refers to tiny bubbles that are released from stem cells. It carries the regeneration of cells.

What is RSC-Exosome?

RSC (rose stem cell)-Exosome refers to the stem cells extracted from the core of damask roses. The RSC-Exosome is pure exosome with ensured integrity, with impurities removed using the ExoSCRT™ technology.


What is ExoSCRT™?

ExoSCRT™ refers to the technology used to isolate and purify the exosomes and this technology is created and patented by the company named ExoCoBio. ExoCoBio is a trusted corporation with 60 years of stem cell research data and it develops exosome based regenerative medicine and new biomedicals. ExoCoBio carries 2 patents for its RSC- Exosome, one for skin-brightening effect (reduces melanin) and another for brightening.

In conclusion, Clique’s current Stem Cell Exosome & Sylfirm X procedure is safe, responsibly and scientifically produced.

How does Stem Cell Exosome & Sylfirm X procedure work?

ASCEplus SRLV” is the combination of RSC- Exosome in powder form and an activating solution. Combined, they form a spreadable mixture.

The RSC-Exosome (1st vial) consists of 5 growth factors, 6 peptides, 19 amino acids, 4co-enzymes, vitamins, minerals and glutathione. This is in lyophilized power form, extracted from damask rose using highly purified technology.

The activating solution (2nd vial) is in liquid form. This solution maximises the absorption of the active components into the skin. It consists of hyaluronic acid, 4 growth factors, amino acids and minerals.

There is rarely any pain so this allows for a comfortable experience for the patient.



5 sessions (3 sessions at least) of procedures are recommended

The first to third treatments are at 2 weeks intervals, while the 4th and 5th treatment can be 1 month apart.

Maximized effects can be expected when combined with other treatments



Effects depend on individuals, but patients can expect brighter and glowing skin in 2~3 days after the procedure. More amplified effects can be expected after a minimum of 5 treatment sessions. 



Additional session is recommended in 6~12 months after a treatment protocol of 5 sessions

  • Skin with weak regenerative ability
  • Unbalanced skin with big pores and redness
  • Acne skin with acne scars
  • Sensitive and thin skin by nature or other environmental reasons including frequent procedures

Sylfirm X Dr Lim

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