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In a recent Ultherapy SPTB training, Dr Lim shared his thought process and techniques on optimising results using Ultherapy SPTB [See Plan Treat Boost].

He elaborated on his approach and revealed how he was able to achieve consistent great results for his patients based on his decade-long experience with Ultherapy technology.

“The SPT method provides a framework, a foundation, but as doctors we can, and we should, adjust the settings based on the patient’s skin condition and desired results,” Dr Lim said.


In other words, bespoke sessions are the way to go.

Anyone above 30, regardless of gender, can benefit from Ultherapy. But since individual skin concerns vary, the Ultherapy settings for each patient will deviate. In Clique, our doctors are fans of combinations of modalities with Ultherapy since ultrasound alone may not effectively solve all skin concerns. Besides enhancing collagen supply and skin tightening, most patients require a booster to improve overall skin quality. Hence a supplement procedure can help achieve optimum skin remodelling.

Popular and proven modalities combinations include Ultherapy and Tempsure, Ultherapy and lasers and Ultherapy with fillers.

Ultherapy SPTB & Radiesse Hands-On MasterClass

In this class, Dr Lim focused on Ultherapy and the booster of choice was Radiesse Plus.

For those unfamiliar with Radiesse, Radiesse is an injectable biostimulator used for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, most particularly the nasolabial folds (the creases that extend from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth) that are most evident due to aging. Stimulation of collagen and elastin occurs when it is injected into the dermal layer.

Radiesse is proven safe for all skin types and is popular as the results are wonderfully natural. When paired with Ultherapy, Radiesse acts as a complement agent to boost collagen and elastin growth which contribute to the skin’s strength and elasticity. A booster also maximises enhancements and increases the longevity of the Ultherapy procedure.


After the theory session and discussion, Dr Lim moved on to a hands-on Ultherapy session on a real patient. Attending doctors observed keenly as Dr Lim demonstrated his technique. On the matter of pain, it really varies person to person. Dr Lim advised to work along with the patient and to observe his/her reactions.

“I would recommend beginning with a lower energy setting, and increasing it gradually during the session. Give the patient time to get comfortable with the sensations before raising it to the ideal energy levels,” Dr Lim said.

“Always be aware of the ‘energy window’. If it is too low, you will not achieve maximum results, while too high may cause complications as well,” he cautioned.


After completing the treatment on one side of the subject’s face, Dr Lim stopped to draw attention to the key areas where noticeable results were already apparent.

Dr Lim tipped that it is important to communicate such changes to the patient during the session itself. “Seeing immediate improvements, however minor, increases treatment acceptance and patient’s understanding of the benefits of Ultherapy. In turn, they are more receptive to subsequent sessions,” Dr Lim advised.

“Be sure to manage expectations by highlighting the fact that the results would incrementally improve over time as natural collagen synthesis and elastin growth takes weeks. Assure the patient that he/she can expect a greater outcome in time,” he added.


For the other side of the subject’s face, attending doctors were given the opportunity to administer the procedure on the subject under Dr Lim’s supervision.

For the booster segment, Dr Lim explained his TSST [Target Specific Sandwich Technique] in combination with using a micro-cannula infiltration. He shared the distribution points and precise amount of distribution. The micro-cannula method decreases needle marks, there is less pain and far less probability of bruising. Although not foolproof, microcannulas greatly reduce the risk of unintended injection into a vessel. Numerous doctors and patients can testify that trading the sharp needle for a blunt tip microcannula dramatically improves the outcomes of a procedure.

Ultherapy SPTB & Radiesse Hands-On MasterClass - Ultherapy SPTB workshop @ Upper Clique 1 1 1

Lastly the subject’s Before & After 3D images were shown on screen. Dr Lim pointed out the clear improvements that could be seen even though the procedure was performed just 30 minutes ago. We ended the session with Q & A and lunch.

It was certainly an information packed and great learning session and we thank all the doctors who was with us that day.

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