PicoSure laser is the latest invention in the world of skincare. 

The article here talks about the technology, its efficacy, and safety as a skin revitalizing treatment. 

What is PicoSure laser?

PicoSure is a technology that makes use of picosecond technology. While most aesthetic laser technologies rely on heat treatment for skin issues like acne, scars, melasma, and pigmentation, PicoSure uses unique energy delivery systems to work on the skin. 

High energy is delivered using a focus lens to get results like pigmentation removal, etc. The technique is better than traditional laser treatments since it runs lesser risks of skin burning. 

What parts of the body is it used on?

As mentioned above, PicoSure is used to treat skin conditions related to aging. The laser treatment is hence mostly targeted on the face and neck regions of the body for conditions like acne, scars, dark spots, wrinkles, etc.

The treatment stimulates the natural healing process in the body and hence works by brightening the dark pigmented areas. Additionally, the technology is also used to produce a skin tightening effect (effective for facial wrinkle reduction) since it helps in the stimulation of collagen cells. 

Additionally, this laser treatment creates pressure waves that are used on certain other body parts to remove tattoos. The waves work by breaking the tattoo ink pigments into smaller parts which are easily removed by the body’s internal lymphatic system. 

Is PicoSure permanent?

In most cases, the results for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and other skin aging issues are very long-lasting with PicoSure technology. 

However, the treatment only works at a superficial level and does not stop the development of melanin in the future. 

When used for tattoo removal, however, the effects are permanent. 

How long does PicoSure take to work?

Depending on the skin issue being treated, one to multiple sittings are usually required to get the complete effects of PicoSure Laser. 

Those focusing on skin tightening and smoothening can often see results after the first treatment itself. Complete removal of dark spots can, however, take two weeks. 

Collagen production can take upto a month or more to start which means wrinkle removal is generally a slower process and may take more sittings. 

Is PicoSure laser safe and what are the side effects?

While PicoSure is considered highly safe as compared to traditional heat-generating lasers, there are some mild and temporary side effects that may appear in a few cases. Mild skin redness, inflammation can be present for some time or a day immediately after the treatment. 

However, tattoo removal is a more intensive treatment and can sometimes create more lingering inflammation and itching. 

Is Pico laser painful?

PicoSure works by delivering bursts of laser energy in the skin. However, the procedure is not really painful. Some patients may feel mild discomfort which is usually comforted by blowing cold air on the skin during the process.

However, as mentioned earlier, tattoo removal is a more intense process and could result in more discomfort than regular anti-aging treatment. 

Final words

The buzz about PicoSure in the world of lasers has definitely grabbed the attention of the skincare industry. While the treatment has been proven successful for tattoo removal and skin lightening, it is now also considered effective for skin rejuvenation purposes. Read more about PicoSure here



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