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Combination of Sylfirm X and Plinest

If you are looking for a skin maintenance procedure that could help restore and boost skin health, Sylfirm X is one of the best treatment available now. For injectables, Plinest is a top choice for good reasons – it is effective, it is safe and it gives astounding results within a few months.

Both Sylfirm X and Plinest offer true skin quality improvement for a variety of skin issues and are the treatments of choice for many doctors as both are so versatile.

Skin experts worldwide including our Clique doctors have been using Sylfirm X and Plinest for years and the consensus is “real patients’ results do not lie”. In the right hands, the Sylfirm X and Plinest can revolutionise how we restore skin health, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

That said, Sylfirm X and Plinest work slightly differently as they are based on differing technologies. Let us explain it better as below:


Why Sylfirm X?

SYLFIRM X is the ONLY device with dual wave technology to date. It combines wide ranges of radiofrequency pulses in 8 different continuous and pulse wave modes to treat multiple skin conditions effectively while restoring skin health. Essentially it marries two effective skin repair technologies – microneedling and radiofrequency to first repair, then stimulate newer, healthier skin to achieve a rejuvenated appearance.

As the device is highly customisable, doctors are able to plan patients’ treatment in detail and this allows doctors to achieve exceptional results across different skin types, skin conditions, and skin problems. This versatility and impactful technology made SYLFIRM X an-all powerful device for almost all skin concerns.*

Plus point? The RF needle is gentle to the skin with its ultrafine micro-electrodes with treatment depths as little as 300 microns. Doctors and patients love SYLFIRM X as it is a no-pain, no-downtime and safe procedure.


Why Plinest?

Not to be confused with other injectables such as hyaluronic acid [HA] fillers (Belotero/Radiesse/Ellansé/Neauvia/Restylane/Teosyal/Saypha/Algeness) or bio-stimulators (Radiesse/Ellansé/Profhilo), Plinest is a regenerative gel also known as “Bio-Regenerative Injectable” or ‘ Skin Rejuvenator’.

How is bio-regenerative injectables different from hyaluronic acid [HA] fillers, you ask?
Well, bio-regenerative injectables like Plinest are fantastic for their ability to trigger self-repair and regeneration capabilities within our skin with no irritations or complications due to its high bio- compatible polynucleotides. Once injected, Plinest rebuilds skin health from within by stimulating collagen and regenerating fibroblast (a type of cell that contributes to skin healing), allowing your cells to naturally recover and restore.

In contrast, hyaluronic acid [HA] fillers serve to add volume and contour to the face/area of treatment.


So what are the benefits from the combination of Sylfirm X and Plinest? 

Because the Sylfirm X system has such versatility, it can treat a wide range of skin issues. This ranges from basic skin tightening in the dermis to the treatment of severe pigmentation and scars on the outer epidermis. Our doctors found that combining Sylfirm X with Plinest brings skin rejuvenation and restoration to another level!

The strength of Sylfirm X lies in its ability to stimulate and repair basement membranes. This skin basement membrane sits between the epidermis and the dermis. It acts as an anchor, a barrier, and plays an important role in tissue development, homeostasis and repair of skin tissues. When we have troubled skin, it is due to the deterioration of our skin health which may be due to aging, over-exposed to UV radiation, repeated injuries, irritations, and inflammation.

Sylfirm X treats the skin by rejuvenating the basement membrane of the skin. This reduces abnormal blood vessels, triggers fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, soften the scar tissues, promote tissue recovery and reduce oil glands activities.

Plinest [polynucleotide (PN) gel] injected into the skin (specifically the dermis) has a stimulating effect on trophism (regeneration) of dermal cells and tissues. This promote fibroblast and collagen production which accelerates skin repair, resulting in better skin radiance, youthful looking textures plus improved skin rigidity and elasticity.

Leveraging on both the power of Sylfirm X and Plinest working simultaneously, patients can enjoy incremental improvements in skin health within weeks!


The combination of Sylfirm-X and Plinest can achieve the below and more:

  • Remodelling skin collagen and elastin for enhanced hydration and suppleness
  • Strengthens and improves overall skin health from within
  • Treats the root cause of melasma and other pigmentary disorders
  • Promotes skin tightening and increase elasticity
  • Improves appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks
  • Prevent future signs of aging


If you are seeking to improve your aging skin but you are without hyperpigmentation or scars issues, we can help too. Our Sylfirm-X, Plinest and Ultherapy combination offers extraordinary results for comprehensive skin tightening and firming.



Generally patients require an average of 5 sessions, spaced 3-4 weeks apart to achieve desirable results. The first to third treatments are at 2 weeks intervals, while the 4th and 5th treatment can be 1 month apart. **



Additional session is recommended in 6~12 months after the basic treatment protocol of 5 sessions



When can a patient see results?
Collagen rebuilding and fibroblast proliferation are processes which take time. Some patients see noticeable results after the first session and that is mostly in terms of skin texture – better glow, brighter and smoother skin. In general it takes about 2-4 weeks after your first session to begin enjoying the benefits of Sylfirm X and Plinest. You might observe increased skin elasticity and lift due to the collagen stimulation, faded fine wrinkles and reduction in pore size.


Further improvements are clearer after the third session, with visible reduced scars as newer skin fades out the scar marks. The desirable outcome of youthful skin is typically after the full course.



Real patients results confirmed that the polynucleotide (PN) contained in Plinest is effective in restoring skin quality in terms of skin tone evenness, surface evenness, skin glow and skin firmness. Sylfirm-X enables the skin repair process to be more focused besides accelerating its progress since Sylfirm-X is able to target specific skin levels for specific skin issues.

In a nutshell, the Plinest and Sylfirm-X combination is an effective treatment for safe and sustainable skin restoration and rejuvenation.


** Guideline only. Consultation required to access skin condition prior to any treatment recommendation.

*almost, but not entirely. Results will vary accordingly to individuals. A consultation is required prior to any quotes or recommendations.

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Dr Tiffany Tee Xiang Jie

Dr Tiffany Tee Xiang Jie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the field of medical aesthetics after graduating from the Russian National Research Medical University with a Medical Degree (M.D.), Dr Tiffany further honed her skills by obtaining an Assured Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Science from the City & Guilds of London Institute and pursuing a Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine certified by the European International University. With years of medical practice since 2015 and specialising in aesthetic medicine since 2020, Dr. Tiffany has garnered extensive experience across various fields in the medical industry. Dr. Tiffany has led numerous trainings, workshops, and conferences, sharing her expertise and insights with fellow professionals in the medical field.

Dr. Tee's expertise encompasses a wide range of aesthetic procedures, from laser treatments and injectables to radiofrequency skin tightening and non-surgical face lifts. She is also well-versed in advanced wound care and treats various skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Additionally, Dr. Tiffany's expertise in advanced modern wound care and management of sexually transmitted diseases reflects her holistic approach to patient well-being. Her contributions to the field, including publications and speaking engagements, not only underscore her dedication to enhancing patient outcomes but also inspire others in the medical community to strive for excellence.

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