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One of the latest energy based device that Clique Clinic recently added –Sylfirm X. “Personally, I love Sylfirm to the max I have to say…and with this article you will understand how this Sylfirm had helped me in my practice and why I love it so much.” – Dr Christie Moey.

Whenever people ask me what is Sylfirm X? I find it difficult for me to answer in short and definite. Because this is not a simple machine where you can easily define it via simple sentence. Basically, Sylfirm X is a micro-needle RF (Radio-frequency) in RP (repeated ultra-short pulse). This RP mode makes Sylfirm X different from other micro-needle devices, where Sylfirm X only target abnormal blood vessels and tissue allowing it to treat vascular and pigmentary problems specifically without harming or damaging the normal tissue.

In this article, Dr Christie will point out 5 benefits of Sylfirm X which makes it as an all time favourite treatment options in her practice.

1. The Best Adjuvant Treatment

Laser treatments had gained popularity for past decades, newer technology and innovation of laser are invented to ensure safety and efficacy of the treatment towards patient. But do you know, frequent laser treatment actually cause damage to your skin? However, we still need the laser to treat certain skin problems such as scars and pigment.
In which, Sylfirm X is the tool which can help to repair and heal your skin after the laser treatment. In such matter, your skin will be more healthy to accept the subsequent laser treatment and also prolong the longevity of the result of your laser treatment.


Sylfirm X acts like a Thanos Gauntlet, with single session of treatment, it can settle multiple skin problems. As a matter of fact, most of the time we have different skin issue concurrently. “Sylfirm X always my first choice when I decide what to treat my patient with.” – Dr Christie


3. Zero Downtime

Dr Christie have encountered many patients that are chasing over significant or obvious downtime, because in their belief, “No Pain No Gain” rules. They are still in the old school thought that the treatment only effective while it comes with aggressive downtime.

If you are familiar with my aesthetic principle, I focus a lot on Zero Downtime treatment. Of course, that’s not always achievable. Luckily I have Sylfirm X now, it produce almost zero downtime (patient usually experience one hour of redness) after each treatment, and of course with obvious result! Dr Christie said. Sylfirm X can be your “lunch time” procedure, and no one even know that you sneak out for aesthetic treatment!!

4. Affordable

As mention earlier, one Sylfirm X treatment can effectively treating multiple skin problems. Comparing its capability and its cost, Sylfirm X no doubt is very cost effective treatment in long run. Average price for Sylfirm X Treatment in Malaysia ranges RM2500-RM3000 per session (usually require at least 5 sessions of treatment with 2-4weeks interval, and most of the clinic will offer more attractive rate when you purchase in a bundle or package).

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benefits_of_sylfirm_x5. Non-Invasive and Comfortable Treatment

Asian skin type are more prone to PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), hence we must be very careful and cautious when choosing aesthetic treatment for our skin. Non-invasive treatments are usually our favourite option to avoid burn or trauma to our skin. As an aesthetic doctor, managing pain is an important role for us. “My ideal aesthetic treatment should be effective with obvious improvement with nearly zero downtime and pain free. Do we have such perfect and ideal treatment? Yes…Sylfirm X is the answer. Average pain score for Sylfirm X treatment is 3/10 (3 out of 10).” – Dr Christie.

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Credited by Dr Christie Moey.




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Dr Hannah Lo Fui Jun

Dr. Hannah Lo Fui Jun is a certified aesthetic physician with over 8 years of experience in the field. She obtained her medical degree (MBChB) from the prestigious University of Birmingham in the UK and is a certified LCP by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Dr. Hannah is a highly sought-after speaker, and she actively participates in ongoing academic studies to stay at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. Her commitment to education extends to being a trainer for the ELLANSE Train The Trainers program. With a strong presence on social media, Dr. Hannah engages with her audience, sharing insights and expertise to empower individuals on their aesthetic journey.

Dr. Hannah holds certifications such as the AAAM CERT and Medical Aesthetic Certificate, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in the field. Her area of expertise encompasses a wide range of treatments, including skin rejuvenation, facial aesthetics using injectables and fillers, and body contouring. Dr Hannah's particular interest lies in facial anti-aging solutions and post-partum women's health, reflecting her dedication to empowering patients throughout all stages of life.

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