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Clique Revivology – 3in1 Ultimate Skin Booster

After ten years in the business, our dedicated Clique team has had the privilege of caring for numerous patients with a wide array of skin concerns.

When we first embarked on this journey, the realm of medical aesthetics was marked by limited options and technological advancements. However, current times are exciting as we witness the emergence of safer, more effective techniques, and products that have the potential to significantly enhance the lives of our patients!

That said, we recognize that understanding when and how to employ such procedures, along with determining the appropriate level of intensity for each device, is an art in itself. Our team has amassed a wealth of evidence-based cases demonstrating that the judicious use of multi-modalities—combining various treatments at different stages of the treatment process, closely monitored and adjusted as needed—yields the most remarkable results.

Currently, we have just introduced our latest evidence-based treatment, “Clique Revivology,” a multi-modality procedure designed to bestow youthful, radiant skin, regardless of age. It’s not just tailored for aging skin; it also serves as a maintenance regimen for individuals in their 20s and 30s. Clique Revivology’s primary goal is to establish an ideal environment for your skin’s well-being, ensuring its continuous optimal health.

Dr. Lim emphasized, “We shouldn’t limit treatment to only when symptoms arise; that’s a reactive approach and in most cases, costlier to treat plus longer time to see results. Clique Revivology aims to transcend traditional skin-boosting routines by rejuvenating the skin at a deeper level, nourishing its tissues, and naturally resulting in a more vibrant and youthful complexion.”

Clique Revivology incorporates advanced skin revitalization substances such as polynucleotides, amino acids, hyaluronic acids, and glycerol, all meticulously chosen to address specific skin concerns and promote rejuvenation.

“All these substances work synergistically to assist the skin in rebuilding and fortifying itself, irrespective of age. Think of it as supporting your skin’s natural processes and enabling it to perform at its best,” explained Dr. Lim.

Malaysian celebrity Amber Chia has experienced the treatment in Clique Clinic.

The trio of Belotero RevivePlinest, and Neauvia Hydro Deluxe offers a range of benefits for the skin:

  • Anti-aging: moisturizing, nourishing, and revitalizing the skin on the face, neck, cleavage, and hands.
  • Reducing wrinkles and early signs of aging.
  • Firming sagging skin.
  • Increasing skin firmness, density, and tension.
  • Hydrating the skin.
  • Minimizing the effects of photoaging.
  • Addressing the loss of volume.
  • Promoting deep hydration of the skin.
  • Stimulating the reconstruction of collagen and elastin.
  • Enhancing skin elasticity and quality.
  • Improving skin illumination, reducing dullness.
  • Diminishing fine wrinkles.
  • Providing robust rejuvenation and regeneration for the skin.

What does each of them do?

Plinest works as a powerful skin healing and rejuvenation booster. It is suitable for most skin across all age groups and gender. Once injected, the polynucleotides in Plinest trigger collagen production and fibroblast (a type of cell that contributes to skin healing), which makes your cells recover and restore naturally.

Over time this increased fibroblast activity and collagen production accelerates skin repair, resulting in better skin radiance, youthful skin texture plus improved skin rigidity and elasticity.

BELOTERO® Revive’s is indicated to revitalise the signs of early onset sun damage. In addition to this, BELOTERO® Revive also contains an additional ingredient of glycerol, one of the most hydrating substances in the polyalcohol family. This means it creates a lasting moisturising effect, as it promotes water absorption within the skin, resulting in increased hydration, smoothness, elasticity and firmness.

Another positive attribute of Belotero Revive is its capacity to trigger the synthesis of collagen within the skin. This is an added benefit as Belotero Revive not only improves sun-damaged skin but also enhances the skin’s intrinsic rejuvenation by promoting collagen renewal, contributing to sustained skin health and revitalization over time.

Last but not least, Neauvia Hydro Deluxe fills in hollow areas of the face, resulting in a more even and balanced look. It also contains collagen-stimulating properties, which encourage the regeneration of new skin cells, leading to fresher, younger-looking skin.

Experience the transformative power of Clique Revivology and unlock your skin’s youthful radiance today. ‘

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