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Due to their similarities, we were often asked “Why Belotero Revive?” or “Why Profhilo?”
When should one opt for Belotero Revive, and when is Profhilo the better choice? To shed light on these questions, there is no one more qualified than Dr. Lim Ting Song, the Director of Clique Clinic.

“First and foremost, our recommendation of injectables is contingent on your specific skin condition. However, when we have two injectables with such subtle distinctions, the quest for the superior option is entirely valid,” Dr. Lim began.

Often, both Belotero Revive and Profhilo are swiftly categorized as hyaluronic acid fillers due to their hyaluronic acid ingredient. Yet, in reality, they transcend the role of mere fillers, owing to their unique formulations which excel in skin rejuvenation and remodeling.

While hyaluronic acid fillers primarily serve the purpose of adding volume and contouring, Belotero Revive and Profhilo go beyond these functions. They are capable of more because both stimulate collagen and elastin production, leading to improved skin elasticity and firmness.


So what PROFHILO can do for you?

  • improve skin texture via bio-remodeling
  • reverse and slow down the physiological process of skin aging
  • repair the skin tissue and scars
  • create lifting effect


PROFHILO for Skin Bioremodeling

Profhilo is a bio-remodeling injectable that has a prolonged stimulating activity on the dermal cells. Once injected, Profhilo dissipates throughout the skin and stimulates the skin cell receptors to produce new collagen and elastin rebuilding for overall rejuvenationHence, it is not a mere filler as it improves the skin without adding volume. 

Collagen and elastin are responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and shape. Sagging and wrinkles result when the fibers that support your skin’s structure are weakened or damaged, so healthy collagen and elastin fibers help skin keep its youthful shape.

Hence, an injectable like Profhilo which stimulates collagen and elastin production can help to  counteract skin laxity, improve and restore firmness of the skin.

Profhilo also works exceptionally well when combined with devices like Sylfirm (RF microneedling), Ultherapy (Ultrasound), and TempSure (RF) to further enhance the results.

It is indicated to be used on the face, neck, decolletage, arms, hands as well as knees, tummy, or any other part of the body where there are visible signs of laxity and sagging due to aging.

The treatment is suitable for men and women as well as offering skin benefits for patients of all ages.

BELOTERO® Revive is also an injectable hyaluronic acid (much like Profhilo) but Belotero also contains barrier-boosting glycerol, which plays a crucial role in enhancing skin hydration and moisture retention. 

Same as Profhilo, it doesn’t affect the volume or shape of skin but focuses more on its quality and texture.

Because of the combination of Hyaluronic acid and Glycerol, Belotero Revive gives direct hydration under the skin, resulting in a long-lasting moisturising impact on the skin. Another positive attribute of Belotero Revive is its capacity to trigger the synthesis of collagen within the skin. This is an added benefit as Belotero Revive not only improves sun-damaged skin but also enhances the skin’s intrinsic rejuvenation by promoting collagen renewal, contributing to sustained skin health and revitalization over time.  

BELOTERO® Revive can also be administered in the forehead, an area where Profhilo is not recommended.

Currently, we have just introduced our latest evidence-based treatment, “Clique Revivology,” a multi-modality procedure designed to bestow youthful, radiant skin, regardless of age.  Clique Revivology incorporates advanced skin revitalization substances such as polynucleotides, amino acids, hyaluronic acids, and glycerol, all meticulously chosen to address specific skin concerns and promote rejuvenation.

“All these substances work synergistically to assist the skin in rebuilding and fortifying itself, irrespective of age. Think of it as supporting your skin’s natural processes and enabling it to perform at its best,” explained Dr. Lim.

BELOTERO® Revive for Skin Bioremodeling

Belotero Revive

The trio of Boletero Revive, Plinest, and Neauvia Hydro Deluxe offers a range of benefits for the skin:

  • Anti-aging: moisturizing, nourishing, and revitalizing the skin on the face, neck, cleavage, and hands.
  • Reducing wrinkles and early signs of aging.
  • Firming sagging skin.
  • Increasing skin firmness, density, and tension.
  • Hydrating the skin.
  • Minimizing the effects of photoaging.
  • Addressing the loss of volume.
  • Promoting deep hydration of the skin.
  • Stimulating the reconstruction of collagen and elastin.
  • Enhancing skin elasticity and quality.
  • Improving skin illumination, reducing dullness.
  • Diminishing fine wrinkles.
  • Providing robust rejuvenation and regeneration for the skin.

Treatment with Profhilo requires at least 2 sessions 4-6 weeks apart. In more severe cases, a third injection may be recommended 2 months after. The duration of effect varies individually, and the treatment may be repeated after approximately 6 months.

Generally it is two sessions with the second treatment being required 4 week after the first treatment. You can repeat it every 6 months. However, for Clique Revivology, the frequency may differ depending on the results from the combination of Boletero Revive, Plinest, and Neauvia Hydro Deluxe.

The effects of enhanced skin hydration (with Boletero Revive only alone) can last up to 6-9 months, depending on factors such as skin structure, lifestyle, and age. Our doctors will closely observe any changes in your skin and provide guidance on the most appropriate course of action.

Each skin booster serves a similar purpose but has different abilities. These include which areas it can treat, so these will need to be considered when making your choice. 

Get professional advice from our doctors and let us help you decide based on your skin goals, budget and lifestyle. Whatsapp Us

Belotero Reive vs Profhilo


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Dr Lim Ting Song

Dr. Lim Tong Song is a renowned aesthetician in the medical aesthetics field with over 12 years of experience. Dr. Lim is a proud Igaku-shi (M.D.) graduate from Tohoku University School of Medicine, Japan. He is also certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia with the prestigious Letter of Credentialing and Privileges (LCP). His expertise spans a wide spectrum of aesthetic medicine, including Asian facial and body aesthetics, clinical application of fillers' rheology, and laser medicine. Dr. Lim's influence extends beyond clinical practice, as he serves on numerous global advisory boards for aesthetic treatments and represents Asia in international consensus meetings.

Dr. Lim's dedication to excellence in aesthetics is evident in his numerous accolades, including the Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy for Best Clinical Cases. His leadership positions within the International Society for Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery (ISDS) and his active participation in international conferences further underline his commitment to advancing the field. Dr Lim's specialisations include skin rejuvenation, facial aesthetics using injectables and fillers, and body contouring. Dr. Lim's passion for innovation and patient care positions him as a leading authority in medical aesthetics.

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