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Does miraDry completely stop sweating

If you bothered by excessive or unwanted sweating, you must find a way to control it. But why manage underarm sweating by concealing it with deodorant or antiperspirant, or reducing it with Botox (botulinum toxin injections), when you can completely eliminate it? If you’ve never heard of miraDry, you should talk to your doctor and ask, “How does miraDry stop sweating?” What if your doctor never heard about miraDry? Come on, WhatsApp us immediately. Clique Clinic is the first and only miraDry provider in Malaysia since year 2019. YES! FIRST AND THE ONLY ONE.

miraDry is a non-invasive procedure, which can effectively eliminate the sweat glands in the armpit area. It was FDA-cleared in 2015, the first FDA-cleared medical device available to destroy unwanted underarm sweat and hair growth while also eliminating odor-producing glands. The destroyed sweat glands will now grow back after this procedure.

Some additional information: A miraDry trainer told us that “it is normal” for there to be no sweat in the treated area right after treatment. However, some sweating will return after two to three weeks. This change in sweating output is caused by swelling after treatment and its dissipation. The amount of sweat reduction achieved by miraDry treatment is highly individual. Sweating is reduced by 82% on average in hyperhidrosis patients after two treatments. There is a 80% satisfaction rate in a reliable source (real patient reviews):


Keep in mind, some patients who require additional sweat reduction may benefit from a second treatment. However, before proceeding with the second treatment, a miraDry professional should perform a simple starch iodine test to determine the source of the remaining sweating. As a result, the second treatment will be more targeted. Rarely, but some patients may have sweat glands that are too deep for the microwave energy of miraDry to reach (more sweat glands are in a depth 2mm to 5mm under the skin’s surface, where miraDry is designed to target this zone).

mriadry treating area

What do I expect during miraDry procedure?

The treatment will be begin with your underarms numbed, which will help to alleviate any discomforts. When you are numbed, physician will place the handheld device (miraDry handpiece) on the previously marked area. It will be turned on once it is in the proper position, and you may feel some suctions. This suction works to bring the sweat glands closer to the skin’s surface for treatment. Finally, miraDry will emit a microwave energy that will destroy sweat and odour glands while also cooling the affected area to protect your skin.

It takes about an hour to complete both sides. Normally patient feels little to no pain during the procedure, and there is little to no downtime afterwards. For a few days, mild over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs are usually recommended. Most patients are able to resume normal activities or daily life immediately following the procedure. Generally, patients can usually resume exercise within a few days.

Underarm swelling, redness, and tenderness that lasts for several days are common of miraDry. Numbness and tingling in the upper arm or armpit can occur and last for one to four weeks. Our physician and therapist will be follow up with you consistently. Please contact us immediately if you experiencing discomfort after the procedure. Revisit the clinic for reviews is important, do not skip the review session even you are satisfy with the result.

Does miraDry completely and permanently stop sweating?

Until today, there is no patient feedback of zero reduction after the procedure. Of course, we do have some patients undergo second treatment.

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