Body Sculpting: Easy and Safe Way to a Perfectly Shaped Figure

What is Body Sculpting?

What makes it different from dieting, rigorous exercise, or even liposuction procedures?

A body sculpting treatment is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that permanently destroys fat cells in the body. This fat loss procedure is done through various methods; by freezing the fat cells, burning them (through extreme heat) or through ultrasound therapy. And because there are multiple treatments available, there is almost always a perfect solution for every patient.

Another advantage of body sculpting treatments is it allows for spot reduction. A patient can reduce selected areas of his/her body without worrying about losing too much weight.
Body sculpting is great for areas of the body that are less toned than desirable and also for stubborn fat parts that are resistant to healthy diets and consistent exercise.
So far body sculpting procedures are proven to be safe, with a limited side effect profile, and had shown spectacular results in significant fat reduction.

As a result, many of us can now comfortably achieve an amazing and toned body without resorting to harsh actions such as extreme diets and over-exercising.

How Does Body Sculpting Work?

Body sculpting procedures work by destroying your body’s fat cells either by cold, heat ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF).
There are no needles or scalpels involved, and there are no scars. It’s often referred to as a “lunchtime procedure,” as there’s very little downtime. No cutting is required and no blood is shed.

A common question that arise is ” So, how does my body get rid of destroyed fat cells after body sculpting?”

Your body will naturally clears out the dead fat cells over the following weeks and months. Once fat cells are destroyed and eliminated from the body, they’re gone for good!
However, as it is a natural process, it will be not be immediate. Hence the results of body sculpting treatments are best seen over 2 months or more.
But of course, paired with consistent exercise and diet, the results can be amazing and the differences visible sooner. As one of the best body sculpting clinics in Malaysia, our doctors can assist to formulating a personalized treatment plan, diet and exercise schedule which will boost your body sculpting results for the best outcome.

In addition to that, our body sculpting specialists might schedule a recurrent treatment plan over the span of a month to increase the effectiveness of the fat reduction process. The added benefit of this is to ensure all possible fat in the treated area are eliminated.

Types of Body Sculpting Treatments Available


Cold sculpting is easily one of the most popular body sculpting treatments available today. Cold sculpting treatments such as CoolSculpting work by suction vacuuming the desired area and blasting it with intense cold, in a process known as ‘Cryolipolysis‘. The temperature can go as low as -11 degrees celsius, effectively freezing the fat cells and crystallising them. This allows the body to get rid of the offending fat cells easily, flushing them through and out of the body. Since it’s inception, CoolSculpting had gradually created applicators that works on more targeted body parts including the chin, thighs, back, abdomen, love handles and bra fats.


Heat treatments/heat sculpting may seem more logical to most people as we often think about burning fat, not freezing them! However, this body sculpting treatment works a little differently. For a procedure such as SculpSure, a device is attached to the area desired and laser pulses are fired into the patient’s body, destroying fat cells. Despite direct heating on the area, this method doesn’t leave any scarring, burn or damage the skin.

Heat treatments/heat sculpting can also be used in conjunction with cold treatments to increase the efficacy of stubborn fat cells removal. By introducing the fat cells to different temperatures, more fat cells in different skin layers can be eliminated effectively. And due to the short nature of both treatments, as well as the lack of downtime, the patient is often free to proceed with his or her day as normal.


Ultrasound treatments use ultrasound, unsurprisingly, to break down fat molecules in your body. The difference between this and other treatments, however, is that there is a technician moving around your body and selecting specific areas to target. In some ways, this can be more precise than simply strapping on a device and targeting a larger area, especially if you’re looking to specifically tone a certain spot. The treatment is commonly used around the abdomen, although it can be used on other areas as well.


Radio-frequency treatments use the heat from the device to selectively target and destroy fat cells. It is not an intense heat, however, and it is advised that patients thoroughly hydrate before treatment as radio-frequency treatments also destroy water cells. However, this can also be useful as patients would be able to determine how much of their mass was water weight.


Electromagnetic treatment is ideal for those who are looking for a more sculpted body through muscle sculpting. This procedure is called EMSculpt.
EMSculpt procedures helps build and tone up muscles of your abdomen, arms, calves and buttock by increasing muscle thickness in about two months after completing the last treatment session.
However, a positive lifestyle is fundamental before one seeks a complementary muscle sculpting treatment like EMSculpt.
The treatment doesn’t hurt, but pulses are vigorous and utterly involuntary contractions.


Lasers are also used directly in body sculpting treatments. Known as laser liposuction, the procedure is done through a minimally invasive treatment where direct laser heat is used to liquefy fat cells before it is sucked out.

Safety and Invasiveness

Body sculpting is one of the safest fat reduction and body toning treatments available. It is completely non-invasive and due to the lack of incisions, there is low chance for infections to develop post-treatment. The treatment itself is relatively painless so no anaesthesia is required during a session. If treatment is particularly uncomfortable, patients are free to move slightly, use devices to distract themselves such as mobile phone or laptop.
Even then, it is extremely important to get a certified body-sculpting practitioner to administer the treatment. Theoretically there is little to no complications during a body sculpting treatment, but human error can add to the slim margin of risk.

What to Expect after Treatment?

Almost all body sculpting treatments are non-invasive and have little to no downtime. Because the most popular treatments involve freezing and lasers to the fat cells, patients won’t feel pain other than a numbing cold sensation, tugging at the treatment area and perhaps some slight stinging during the treatment. There are no lasting scars or pain, and unless you have very sensitive skin you can resume your day-to-day activities right after.
In fact, it is so tolerable that many are able to opt for lunchtime sessions as the treatment times are short as well.


There are little to no risks associated with body sculpting, and almost all side effects encountered vanish within two weeks. However, your practitioner will advise you on the risk factors based on your specific lifestyle, diet and other underlying factors.

Medical Considerations

Although there are few medical considerations, it is is important to alert your practitioner to any medical conditions you have before proceeding with any treatment plans to ascertain if there might be any adverse reactions and side effects, because body sculpting is a highly personalised treatment.

Outlook and Prognosis

The body sculpting outlook is positive, especially in the long run as fat cells are less likely to return. Furthermore, patients can resume daily activities almost immediately which is highly convenient since there are little to no extended period of recuperation. While liposuction can offer clear and obvious results initially, body sculpting is non-invasive and can be used in conjunction with other treatments to provide a more streamlined approach to long term muscle toning and fat elimination.

Choosing a Reliable Provider

a. Certifications
It is important that your clinic of choice bears all the correct certificates be it from CoolSculpting, SculpSure, or any of the other treatment brands. Be sure that only authentic medical devices from the brands involved are used on you and and all procedures are administered strictly by a licensed doctor or trained specialist to avoid any misinformation or oversight.

This is necessary to avoid any complications or accidents that may occur, and leave permanent scars.

b. Cost of treatment
The cost of treatment varies per body area. It is important to work out a payment plan beforehand as many people often require multiple treatments to achieve favourable and long-term results.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, body sculpting is a safe, effective and easy way to get rid of fat cells for good. When managed in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, it can offer tremendous improvements on areas previously thought to be a lost cause. Coupled with its non-invasive nature, it the perfect choice for those with a fear of minor surgeries, or those with truly busy schedules.

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