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What To Avoid After Dermal Fillers?

Dermal filler treatments are safe and proven to be effective anti-aging and skin rejuvenation option by most medical aestheticians. Even so, there are precautionary measures that should be taken into consideration in order to avoid unsatisfactory results and health complications. To begin with, seek consultation with qualified and trustworthy medical doctors. An experienced and knowledgeable doctor would be able to advise the correct filler to be used. For a start, the filler should be FDA-approved. Secondly, the filler used should be ideal for the result that you seek.
If the correct filler is used and the treatment is administered by an accomplished doctor, then all should be well and the patient would then focus on recovery.

Why are dermal fillers required?

Dermal fillers contribute in many ways in terms of anti-aging. This include but not limited to making the face appear younger, filling up sunken cheeks, smoothening out winkles and lines, softening scars, plumping thinning lips, making cheek fuller and lifted, besides getting rid of the heavy eye bags under eyelids. Some dermal fillers offer give instantaneous results while others may require a longer period for full results to be noticeable. Whatever the cause, dermal fillers is deemed to be a life-saver to those who are struggling to combat aging skin. Furthermore, dermal filler treatments are in general painless and effective. In current times, there is a filler to fix any concerns in any part of the face.

What parts of the body is it useful on?

The dermal fillers are usually placed in different parts of the face and the precise location depends on the need and the wants of patient. As expected, an experienced and professional medical aesthetician would suggest the right fillers and treatment areas to achieve the desired results. Common treatment areas are around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, jawline and lips. If a filler is being added around the eye area, then the objective could either be to reduce eye bags, to get rid of crowfeet wrinkles or to open up the eyes for a fresher and youthful look. For cheeks, it will be for filling and rounder cheeks. Creating sharp and defined jawline (V-shape) can be achieved through this treatment as well by simply injecting the filler to the jaw. If fillers are added to thinning lips, it will plump lips which makes lips look fuller.

How many treatments/sittings are required?

While a lot of fillers are marketed as low-downtime or NO downtime, some individuals experienced mild discomforts such as swelling and redness post-treatment. After a short recovery period, the patient should go for follow-up session to ensure that all is well and the fillers are producing the desired results.

After care tips for dermal filling procedure – what to avoid?

After going through dermal treatment,one can simply getting too excited and are bound to forget about certain things that they should not do in order to get the full-result that they are after to make the dermal fillers last. One of the crucial tips is to refrain from massaging the injected area for 2 weeks unless instructed by the provider. The reason for that is because the filler are still developing under the skin tissue. By touching them, there is a risk that the filler will eventually slipped into other area. It is advisable for the patient to not expose the skin treatment area with extreme temperature from the visit to sauna or skiing. It might trigger other side effect to occur and even lead to serious complication of skin. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours. As much as the individual loves to exercise, it is not wise to do it strenuously to the point that the facial shape are changing. The side effect of swelling, redness, and bruising are commonly occur  after the treatment,therefore, avoid consuming excess amounts of alcohol or salts to avoid excess swelling. You can put the kimchi down now. For an effective result, avoid putting pressure on treated areas for the first new nights (sleep on back if possible). Any based make-up that has AHA, Retinols/ Vitamin C therapy or oil, do not use them for 24 hours. It might trigger allergic reaction to the skin tissue of the injected area at the moment.

Conclusions/ Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dermal fillers treatment are safe to use and relatively painless thanks to the use of anesthesia for the numbing. Knowing which kind of fillers suits the skin is important to get wanted result. Some are suitable for fixing wrinkles, some for filling effect and some for defining facial shape. As long as the patient follow the do’s and avoid the don’t, immediate result will appear with a minimal side effect that will surely bring a sense of satisfaction to the individual. Dermal filler treatment, the solution for anti-aging skin.

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