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“It’s very subtle, and subtle is natural, and natural looking is something we want to achieve.”

Christmas and New Year party season is upon us. It means your calendar would be full of parties. Whether you are celebrating Christmas by welcoming guests or hanging out with friends on the New Year’s eve, every treat is a memorable experience. You want to capture your best shots, and you definitely like to make sure you look gorgeous before posing for the camera. There’s so much to get done before then. There’s RSVPs to respond to, cocktail dresses to pick out, hostess gifts to buy… and perhaps, appointments to book at the medical aesthetic clinic?

That’s what some partygoers are planning: more people are choosing to book cosmetic procedures around the holidays, according to RealSelf’s community of board-certified experts, the cosmetic procedures include everything from Botox injections, CoolSculpting, Ultherapy to more minimally invasive procedures like, Silhouette Soft facelift or rhinoplasty.

This is definitely our busy time at Clique® Clinic. It’s really the non-surgical stuff that’s huge, because that gives people enough time to be totally ready for the party season.



So besides treating uneven skin tone with laser therapies, our clients are also turning to dermal fillers and CoolSculpting before hitting the party circuit. Under the eye is also really big, because for selfies with overhead lighting, the undereye really gets those dark circles accentuated, so that’s a big concern. Then the other really popular one, especially in the last year or so, has been Ultherapy and Silhouette Soft. Our clients come for these treatments at least 3 months ahead since these take 2-3 months for the results to set in naturally.

Call it a not-quite-rhinoplasty: with a liquid nose job using hyaluronic acid, we can straighten out the appearance of a nose bump in profile by injecting a little bit of this filler above and below the bump. You can minimally inject around the tip and do some other things too, but you can’t make the nose smaller with injections. You can make the light hit your nose in a more flattering way. If you think about when you contour makeup and you put that line of light down your nose when you’re looking straight at your face. Putting filler in that same spot definitely gives you permanent contour makeup because the light will hit you in that spot all the way down. It’s very subtle, and subtle is natural, and natural looking is something we want to achieve.

We always use hyaluronic acid filler, which lasts from one to two years and can be easily dissolved if you end up not liking it. However, if our clients want a longer lasting results, bio-stimulator dermal filler would be the option. With these jobs done, many clients see little bruising or swelling and could conceivably head to a holiday party ASAP. If you’re not a person who gets a bruise, you have zero downtime. You could literally go to dinner that night.

Medical aesthetics is not just non-invasive procedures that are on the upswing during the holiday season, these are procedures that can really give patients a boost of self confidence. It has to be administered with high level of safety profile and effectiveness.

Clique® Clinic would be closed for Christmas and New Year breaks on 24th, 25th December 2017, and 31st December to 1st January 2018 respectively. So let’s plan ahead and avoid last minutes’ queue.

Josh Chua of Clique® Clinic shares his 5-year experience and thoughts dealing with patients and friends coming for treatments in preparation for year-end parties and celebrations. For more information on the aesthetic treatments, please visit Aesthetic Treatments

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