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Clique Clinic welcomes 2022 with multiple honours at the Merz 6th Golden Record Awards 2021!

Clique Clinic had clinched another 4 prestigious awards by Merz Aesthetics recently, welcoming the Year of the Tiger with a roaring start.


Merz Golden Record Award Winner - Clique Clinic

Pic: Dr Lim Ting Song,  Dr Hannah Lo, Mr Josh Chua, Dr Christie Moey and Dr Ian Chong with MASJ Ambassador Goh Wee Ping 


Pic: From left to right: Top 10 Radiesse Treatment Provider 2020/2021, Top 10 Ultheraphy Transducer Sales 2020/2021, Top 10 Merz Portfolio (Ultherapy, Belotero, Radiesse Plus, Xeomin) 2020/2021, Top 10 Belotero Treatment Provider 2020/2021


From its inception 8 years ago, Clique Clinic, founded by Dr Lim Ting Song and Mr Josh Chua, has steadily garnered top accolades for numerous aesthetic treatments including (but not limited to) Ultherapy®, Xeomin, Belotero and other body sculpting procedures. 


As of 2021, Clique Clinic has accumulated 4 awards at the Merz Aesthetics Golden Record Awards, and had administered hundreds of sessions from our Ulthera machines plus hundreds of syringes of dermal filler for hundreds of patients.

“Our team had treated patients with Merz Aesthetics products for almost a decade and we are happy that we have been able to empower our customers to be the best version of themselves with effective and safe anti-aging, facial augmentation and lifting procedures. There is distinct renewed self-confidence and positive changes from within when patients experienced optimum results from their procedures. This, in turn, makes all our efforts worthwhile,” Dr. Lim said.


“We have diligently tested and combined different modalities for the best results for our patients. Merz Aesthetics products are safe with good biocompatibility, ideal for combination of treatments and we have enjoyed high satisfaction rates,” Dr Christie added. 


Golden Record – MERZ Portfolio Highest Achievements 2017-2021


This recognition was awarded based on the number of Merz Aesthetic procedures performed in our clinic annually. Clique Clinic is proud to take this award home for 5 consecutive years!

Top 10 Ultheraphy Transducer Sales 2020/2021

In addition to our annual Golden Award, this recognition marked Clinic Clinic as one of the undisputed clinic of choice for Ultherapy® treatment in the country. 


Top 10 Radiesse Treatment Provider 2020/2021

Radiesse® is one of our most effective bio-stimulator for facial contouring, volume replenishment as well as skin remodelling and rejuvenation. Our doctors find Radiesse® an ideal complement to most hyaluronic acid filler treatments. 


Top 10 Belotero Treatment Provider 2020/2021

Belotero offers a portfolio of hyaluronic acid fillers which are optimised in the superficial, subcutaneous and deep dermis or supraperiosteal layers. In Clique Clinic our doctors administer different amounts of Belotero range of fillers for different concerns, and with Dr Lim’s Target-specific Sandwich Technique (TSST), our doctors have achieved amazing, long-lasting results for our patients.

Top 10 – Xeomin, Ultheraphy, Belotero and Radiesse

To this day, these 4 modalities are our doctors’ preferred choice for our patients*. The zero downtime and treatment efficacy are still the gold standard for us.  

We are thankful for the recognition as one of the top-performing Merz Portfolio providers in Asia.
Thank you to the Merz Aesthetics team for your commitment and support all these years. We are proud to be a part of the Merz family worldwide and we will continue to raise the bar of medical aesthetics in Asia.
And of course, we’d like to thank YOU, our clients, whose trust and support helped us maintained our top position as one of Klang Valley’s most preferred aesthetic clinic !


*based on patients’ condition

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