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What is CoolSculpting: The Need, Benefits, and Results

Stubborn fat bulges can be distressing. They can affect an individual’s self-consciousness despite their best efforts to sustain a healthy lifestyle through dieting and exercise.

These persistent pockets of fat that often accumulate in specific areas of the body, like the abdomen, back, and thighs, can be resistant to traditional weight loss methods.

In fact, as people age, their metabolism slows down, and calories affect their body contours more. This consequently makes it increasingly difficult to accomplish the desired toned and sculpted results through fitness routines alone.

We unpack CoolSculpting as an emerging non-surgical option for addressing stubborn fat. Particularly, this article aims to explain how this process offers an effective way to reduce fat in specific areas— without the need for invasive procedures or extensive downtime. So, without further ado, let’s delve in!

CoolSculpting is a relatively nascent non-surgical fat reduction procedure that employs cold temperature to ‘break down’ fat cells. Developed based on evidence-based observations that fat cells are more susceptible to cold temperatures than skin cells, CoolSculpting has been FDA-approved since 2010.

In practice, the treatment entails placing a specialised device on the targeted area. This device then cools the fat to a designated temperature that causes the cells to die. The dead cells are then naturally discharged by the body over time. Thus resulting in a reduction of fat in the treated area.

As a non-surgical way to address stubborn fat bulges, the treatment is typically performed in multiple sessions, each targeting a specific area of the body.

CoolSculpting vs EMSculpt

CoolSculpting and EMSculpt are both non-surgical body contouring treatments but differ in their approach and target areas.CoolSculpting employs a medical process called cryolipolysis to freeze and eradicate fat cells in targeted areas.

EMSculpt, on the other hand, principally focuses on building muscle and toning the body. It exploits high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate rapid muscle contractions. In essence, Emsculpt is more suited to individuals who are close to their ideal weight but desire more muscle definition.

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Liposuction vs CoolSculpting

Liposuction is a specialised surgical procedure that provides immediate results and is effective for larger areas of fat removal. It requires anaesthesia and involves making small incisions to remove excess fat, utilising a suction technique with a cannula.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive option with gradual results. It is suitable for smaller areas of fat reduction and individuals looking for a less invasive approach. It requires no anaesthesia and has minimal downtime.

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CoolSculpting treatment areas

CoolSculpting Reigns Supreme in Body Contouring

For the most part, CoolSculpting results are considered permanent, as the destroyed fat cells don’t grow back. Generally, it is FDA-cleared to treat up to nine areas of the body most commonly afflicted with stubborn pockets of fat, namely:

1. CoolSculpting Arms: It can effectively target the upper arms, reducing excess fat and delivering a more toned appearance.

2. CoolSculpting Inner Thighs: The treatment is highly beneficial in appreciably reducing fat in the inner and outer thigh areas, helping individuals to achieve a thigh gap and improve the overall fit of clothes.

3. CoolSculpting Chin: This treatment precisely and safely targets the submental fat underneath the chin to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

4. CoolSculpting Belly Fat: This treatment is effective at breaking down fat stores in the abdomen, helping to smooth and contour the area.

5. CoolSculpting Face: This particular treatment targets the submandibular area below the jawline to achieve a more defined jawline, consequently reducing the appearance of a double chin.

6. CoolSculpting Legs: This technique targets the legs, including the thighs, to reduce excess fat.

7. CoolSculpting Neck: Similar to the face, this technique targets the submandibular area below the jawline to achieve a more defined jawline. Thus appreciably reducing the appearance of a double chin.

8. CoolSculpting Love Handles: CoolSculpting is an effective solution for reducing the fat stores and smoothing the contours of the love handles, i.e., flanks or muffin tops.

9. CoolSculpting Back Fat: CoolSculpting can be employed to target back fat, including the bra fat and fat underneath the buttocks.

CoolSculpting procedure

This is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that employs controlled cooling to freeze and exterminate fat cells typically occurs following the steps below:

  1. Before the procedure, you’ll meet with a trained healthcare provider to discuss your exact goals with CoolSculpting to curate a personalised treatment plan.
  2. Subsequently, the health provider will mark the targeted area and take measurements to ensure proper placement of the CoolSculpting applicator.
  3. A clear gel pad is then applied to the treatment area to form a barrier between the cooling panel and the skin.
  4. The CoolSculpting applicator is then placed on the treatment area, and you’ll begin to feel a slight tugging and cooling sensation.
  5. During the treatment, you may experience pulling, tugging, mild pinching, a cold sensation, tingling, or aching. However, these sensations typically subside as the area becomes numb.
  6. After the treatment, the health provider will vigorously massage the area to increase blood flow, break up the treated fat cells, and augment fat reduction.
  7. The last step is recovery. Do note that CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime. So, one may immediately commence their day-to-day activities after the treatment.

CoolSculpting benefits

The benefits of CoolSculpting as a medium to help individuals achieve their body contouring goals are:

  • Results from CoolSculpting can last a long time, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle.
  • CoolSculpting treatments are relatively fast and easy to fit into a busy schedule. In fact, most sessions last only minutes, allowing one to resume daily activities immediately after a session.
  • It provides gradual, natural-looking body contours that develop over time, similar to toning your body through exercise, without the need for surgery.
  • It can target various areas of the body, offering a versatile solution for fat reduction.
  • It allows for localised fat reduction in specific problem areas that may be resistant to diet and exercise. Thus providing a solution for stubborn fat deposits.
  • In stark contrast to surgical procedures like liposuction, CoolSculpting is a more cost-effective, low-risk option for targeted fat reduction. This inadvertently makes it accessible to a broader range of individuals.

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Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is particularly effective for reducing subcutaneous fat deposits in treated areas, consequently delivering subtle but noticeable reductions in fat.

Good candidates typically have the following characteristics:

  • Relatively healthy adults who aren’t trying to lose a significant amount of weight.
  • Have stubborn fat deposits that are incessantly resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Have pinchable, subcutaneous fat that can be grasped between the fingers
  • Those who are willing to be patient with an understanding that results may take three months or more to become apparent.

However, CoolSculpting is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant. It is also not suitable for those with specific medical conditions, like uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, hernias, or a BMI over 34.

CoolSculpting treatment aftercare

To ensure a smooth recovery, minimise side effects, and maximise the results of your CoolSculpting treatment, consider the following tips:

  1. Avoid tight clothing that may cause discomfort and irritation.
  2. Massage the treated area to help alleviate any swelling and discomfort. Massaging helps to move lymphatic fluid and promote circulation.
  3. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day to help your body flush out toxins or metabolic byproducts released during treatment.
  4. Engage in gentle, low-impact activities to stimulate blood circulation and speed up the recovery process.
  5. Take plenty of fresh foods and high-protein meals.

How effective is CoolSculpting?

Authoritative studies have shown that coolsculpting reduces fat in treated areas by up to 25% on average. With minimal side effects like temporary redness, bruising, soreness, and numbness, CoolSculpting’s effectiveness is further supported by its FDA clearance.

Overall, the procedure has demonstrated visible results for multiple individuals, with peak responses typically seen at three months post-treatment. This underscores its efficacy in achieving long-lasting fat reduction and body contouring outcomes.

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CoolSculpting before and after

It might take some time to see visible results. However, during the weeks after the procedure, one’s body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells. Thus, resulting in a gradual reduction of fat in the treated area i.e., 20-25% in the treated area.

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CoolSculpting cost in Malaysia

The median cost in Malaysia is between RM 1800 and RM 3000. The cost largely depends on one’s treatment plan, which encompasses the number of sessions, and the treatment area.

Where to get CoolSculpting treatment in Malaysia?

Clique Clinic is Malaysia’s premium CoolSculpting treatment centre. With certified medical practitioners experienced and trained in performing these procedures, Clique Clinic ensures that the treatment is conducted with precision and expertise.

Additionally, the reputable clinic employs state-of-the-art equipment and follows stringent safety protocols. Thus, ensuring optimal results whilst prioritising patient safety and comfort.

What is CoolSculpting: The Need, Benefits, and Results - CoolSculpting or EMSculpt Neo 1


The effects of CoolSculpting are considered permanent because the procedure freezes and kills fat cells. These cells are then naturally eradicated by the body. So, once the fat cells are gone, they don’t come back.

To ensure a smooth and effective treatment, avoid:

  • Medications or supplements that thin the blood. 
  • Smoking.
  • Tanning beds for a minimum of a week before the treatment.
  • Cuts, bruises, or rashes on the target area.

To reduce swelling after the procedure:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Massage the area
  3. Stay active with exercise
  4. Avoid anti-inflammatory medication
  5. Avoid salty foods

The treatment is generally considered safe. However, it’s not without minor risks, for example, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), a rare side effect that may cause fat to expand and solidify, leading to disfigurement.

Though one can get CoolSculpting treatments on different areas of the body more frequently, it’s advisable to wait at least 2 months before retreating to the same target area. This ensures optimal and long-lasting results.

The recommended minimum wait time between sessions in the same treatment area is 30 days. However, it is often more effective to wait a little longer— about 4-6 weeks, before getting a second session.

Though some patients may achieve their desired double chin reduction with just 1-2 CoolSculpting sessions, most will require 2-3 treatments, spaced over several months, to see optimal, long-lasting results.

CoolSculpting works by ‘freezing’ and eliminating fat cells through a controlled cooling process. This consequently leads to a gradual reduction in fat over time— without the need for surgery or significant downtime.

However, results are gradual, with noticeable fat reduction visible in as little as 4 weeks. The body continues to incrementally eliminate the dead fat cells for several months, with final results seen in about 6 months.

CoolSculpting is generally not a painful procedure, but some discomfort may be experienced during and after the treatment. Also read: Does coolsculpting hurt?

No, your skin will not sag. Your skin should naturally retract and conform to your new slimmer contours after treatment.

Yes, CoolSculpting permanently removes fat cells through a process called cryolipolysis. The results are considered permanent, as the eliminated fat cells don’t regenerate

After the treatment, patients may encounter temporary side effects like redness, swelling, numbness, or tingling at the treatment site. Patients may also observe gradual improvements in the treated areas over several weeks as the body continues eliminating the targeted fat cells. Generally, full results usually become apparent within two to three months post-treatment. 


CoolSculpting has become a sought-after treatment for those looking to enhance their body contours and boost their self-confidence. However, to ensure the best possible outcomes and a safe, comfortable experience, it is imperative to seek treatment at a specialist clinic with a proven reputation.

Clique Clinic offers safe and effective coolSculpting services to reduce stubborn fat bulges and achieve a more sculpted and toned physique— all without surgery or downtime. So, reach out to achieve your desired body contouring goals and boost your self-confidence.

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