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Saxenda and Lusefi for SSTF Weight Managment

Many individuals turn to Clique Clinic with the goal of enhancing their bodies. While our state-of-the-art body sculpting technologies such as EMSculpt NEO and CoolSculpting, work wonders for those seeking to target stubborn pockets of fat in specific areas, they are not suitable for individuals struggling with obesity or are significantly overweight, typically indicated by a BMI over 30.

In such cases, there might be too much fat in the targeted area for noticeable results post-treatment. This is because CoolSculpting and EMSculpt are not weight loss treatments; they focus on body contouring rather than overall weight reduction.

So, what are the available options for those who are obese, but find dieting and exercise challenging, yet aspire to shed excess weight?

At Clique Clinic, we offer the SSTF (Slim Sculpt Tone Firm). SSTF is a comprehensive body transformation plan and this program encompasses a holistic approach; starting with sustainable weight and fat loss, followed by targeted body sculpting for improved shape, muscle building to enhance tone, and finally, firming for overall health and strength.

Recognizing the difficulty of making dietary and lifestyle changes, especially for those unaccustomed to exercise, we acknowledge that traditional diet and exercise regimens can be slow and may require substantial time and effort. Few individuals possess the unwavering discipline and motivation to persevere through months of hard work without immediate results, leading to frequent demotivation and setbacks.

Celine, a body specialist at Clique, explains, “The primary reason for diet failure is often relentless hunger. It’s challenging to consume less and resist the allure of food when hunger strikes. Good intentions tend to vanish in the face of hunger pangs.”

This is where Saxenda comes into play as part of Clique’s SSTF program. Saxenda, an FDA-approved appetite suppressant with minimal side effects (varying by individual), provides a safe option for both children and adults. Our medical professionals are well-versed in Saxenda’s use and can offer patients the necessary guidance and support throughout the treatment process.

“Our SSTF Saxenda plan is individualized, safe, and sustainable. Regardless of age, lifestyle, or dietary habits, Saxenda can kickstart the change needed for a healthier and slimmer you,” Celine said.

Proper way to use Saxenda

So, why is Saxenda so effective? 

Saxenda operates in the brain, acting as an appetite suppressant. By curbing food intake, it lessens the primary challenge of any diet – uncontrollable hunger and cravings. As patients naturally consume fewer calories, the calorie deficit becomes evident on the scale.

However, Celine cautions, “This must be executed at the right dose and monitored for side effects.” While many patients experience no side effects, some may experience nausea during the initial stages. For those encountering nausea, adjusting the timing of the dosage or other modifications can often alleviate the discomfort. With the support of a dedicated body specialist, Saxenda patients can confidently work towards their targeted weight loss goals.

“Depending on the individual, and if necessary, we may combine Saxenda with Lusefi,” Celine added. While Saxenda reduces appetite and makes food cravings more manageable, Lusefi® operates by eliminating excess sugar from the body through urine. Lusefi® is typically used when diabetes cannot be controlled with other medications, diet, and exercise.

“We usually start with Saxenda first, with a target of losing 10kg within four months. During this period, our team provides sustainable dietary guidance tailored to each individual. Expecting a patient to abruptly stop eating certain food like rice, and switch to salads is unrealistic and unsustainable. It may not provide satiety, leading to potential setbacks,” Celine continues.

Celine shares a recent case to illustrate their approach. 

A middle-aged male with a BMI over 37, leading a busy life with minimal time for meal preparations, approached the clinic. After a body consultation, he embarked on the four-month Saxenda program. Dietary changes focused on making better choices, even when eating out, emphasizing reduced carbohydrates, increased protein from sources like fish and chicken, reduced fried foods, and less alcohol, especially in the evenings. The golden rule: no food after 8 pm.

Progress was initially slow during the first two months, a common experience as the body acclimates to Saxenda. However, by the third month, tolerance increased, motivation grew, and he incorporated weight training and regular walks into his routine.

Celine explains, “Our goal is to act as a catalyst for positive results, which can change a patient’s mindset. Once a patient experiences results and makes dietary changes over a few months, they begin to believe that weight loss is achievable.”

“In the SSTF program, patients experience progressive weight loss from the third month as the body adjusts to Saxenda, coupled with the calorie intake reduction from the preceding two months. During the third and fourth months, we encourage further dietary changes, which may involve higher protein, smaller portions, and nutrient-dense foods.”

After four months, patients can choose to continue or take a break. The clinic’s team continues to monitor progress through monthly in-person consultations. When patients are ready, they can enroll in another four months of Saxenda if they wish to pursue further body goals.

Celine concludes with a smile, “Many of our patients complete two to three cycles of Saxenda, depending on their body goals. We are here to provide the support they need to achieve their body goals in a safe, healthy, and sustainable manner.”

Saxenda and Lusefi Weight Management

At Clique Clinic, our comprehensive SSTF program, powered by Saxenda and expert guidance, offers a holistic approach to achieving sustainable weight loss and body transformation. By understanding the challenges individuals face on their weight loss journeys, we provide personalized solutions that yield positive results and foster a mindset of long-term health and wellness. Our commitment is to support our patients every step of the way, helping them attain their body goals safely and with confidence.

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