You are currently viewing Plinest Price Malaysia year 2022

Plinest Price Malaysia year 2022

Plinest Price Malaysia is around RM1800 to RM2500 per syringe (Recommended Selling Price). Want to know more about Clique Clinic’s PLINEST product range, price and the latest promotion. Please text our customer service @012-3537960

Our doctors are well-trained with the 3 point cannula injection method and conducted many workshop for the PLINEST injectors in Malaysia.

Here to share with you some of our patient before and after photos.

You may also want to know more about the benefits of PLINEST.

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Dr Lim Ting Song - Dr Lim TIng Song pic 1

Dr Lim Ting Song

Dr. Lim Tong Song is a renowned aesthetician in the medical aesthetics field with over 12 years of experience. Dr. Lim is a proud Igaku-shi (M.D.) graduate from Tohoku University School of Medicine, Japan. He is also certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia with the prestigious Letter of Credentialing and Privileges (LCP). His expertise spans a wide spectrum of aesthetic medicine, including Asian facial and body aesthetics, clinical application of fillers' rheology, and laser medicine. Dr. Lim's influence extends beyond clinical practice, as he serves on numerous global advisory boards for aesthetic treatments and represents Asia in international consensus meetings.

Dr. Lim's dedication to excellence in aesthetics is evident in his numerous accolades, including the Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy for Best Clinical Cases. His leadership positions within the International Society for Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery (ISDS) and his active participation in international conferences further underline his commitment to advancing the field. Dr Lim's specialisations include skin rejuvenation, facial aesthetics using injectables and fillers, and body contouring. Dr. Lim's passion for innovation and patient care positions him as a leading authority in medical aesthetics.

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