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Is Ellanse Filler Safe?

The fight against aging skin can be risky if the treatment selected is not suitable for the skin. As unique individuals, our differing skin, genetics, body systems and health conditions requires personalised analysis, of which suitable treatments can then be concluded, particularly so by experts. Hence, proper consultation with the right experts yields better, safer and successful results.

As a popular option for anti-aging and skin lifting, Ellanse has enjoyed high patient satisfaction rates and has been proven successful in treating the following cosmetic indications:

1. Deep-set facial wrinkles and creases, like nasogenian furrows and marionette lines;
2. Inelastic skin such as on the jawline;
3. Ill-defined facial contours like the cheekbones;
4. Non-surgical augmentation of facial features like the nose.

There has been no severe negative cases reported so far. In short, Ellanse has a high safety profile and is well tolerated in most patients.

About Ellanse fillers and collagen stimulation

Ellansé is a non-hyaluronic acid filler. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, which lifts because of its properties as a gel, Ellanse creates natural volume by regenerating the body’s own collagen to treat underlying causes of facial aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dull skin tone, dry and thin skin.
The key ingredients in this filler is Poly-Caprolactone (PCL) microspheres; a bio-resorbable soft medical polymer suspended in a gel-carrier made up of Carboxymethycellulose (CMC). It works differently from hyaluronic acid filler as it does not only fill the wrinkles to make the face appear fuller but it is also responsible as catalyst in production of collagen in patient’s body naturally over time to create the youthful effect. The logic behind aging is that the decreased level of collagen (accountable to give the skin its strength, waterproofing and elasticity), changes in histological characteristic as well as in ultrastructure and fragmentation of fibrils. Therefore, the skin loses strength, luminosity and elasticity.

When injected into the treatment area, Ellanse filler reverses the decline with two step process; immediate lifting and sculpting result from CMC gel that last up to 12 weeks besides stimulating skin to produce collagen through PCL microspheres that could last two to four years. The reason for the long result is due to the fact that Ellanse is made of micropheres that degrade differently from other filler. As the filler injected to the skin, a resorption process occur where the molecules are progressively dissolve. The microspheres retain their original volume until almost all the molecules are dissolved. The longevity is dependent on the number of molecules composing the spheres. The more molecules there are, the longer lasting the result will be.

Factors to consider before considering Ellanse

Although the long lasting effect it has on the skin is a great reason to many to decide on Ellanse injections, there are a few factors that needs to be taken into consideration to avoid any undesired results.
Three key considerations are doctor’s experience, level of commitment and budget. Side effects after an Ellanse procedure is expected but negative side effects can be minimised with the proficiency of the doctor’s experience. A good medical aesthetician will be able to handle the procedure with ease and minimal risks.
Communication is key as well. Patients must understand the risks and possible complications of Ellanse fillers prior to the procedure. They must also be educated in identifying adverse reactions so that they can obtain immediate medical attention.
For maintenance and for longevity, patients should avoid partaking in strenuous physical activities for at least a day and avoid exposing the treated areas to direct sunlight for at least a week following the treatment session.
A balanced lifestyle with nourishing diet filled with active activities plus lower levels of stress would no doubt slow down the aging process. Naturally, the positive effects from the Ellanse treatment would last longer if the patient adopts a healthy lifestyle.

Side effects of Ellanse Fillers

Comparing to other fillers Ellanse has fewer side effects. Allergic reactions are close to zero. Like other dermal fillers, patients who are treated with Ellanse fillers may experience mild swelling, bruising and soreness at the treatment areas, but it is temporary and will resolve with no issues over time.

More severe side effects of Ellanse could lead to necrosis (death of skin) and blindness, but this is extremely rare cases and can be minimised with good doctor technique. Ellanse has a high safety profile and is well tolerated in most patients.

Required precautions

Patient should avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities for at least a day. Avoid exposing treated areas to direct sunlight for at least a week following treatment session. Follow your doctor’s advise and obtain immediate medical attention if you noticed any adverse reactions.

Conclusion/ Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Ellanse dermal filler is a safe option for long-lasting rejuvenating skin effect and a great investment to reverse aging.

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