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How much can you change your body in 2 months?  

“With the right body transformation plan, a lot more than you think!” Josh Chua, Director and Certified Body Contouring Technician enthuses.

After a decade helping over thousands of patients, particularly Asians, achieve their desired body shapes, Josh and his body contouring team have acquired not only the technical knowledge, but also the nuances of what it takes to make a patient’s body contouring treatment a success.

“It is different for everyone, not just because of the body shape, but also the lifestyle, environment and of course, the diet. Our Asian diet is high in carbohydrates, and our eating habits are all-day-to-night. Even past midnight!” Josh added.

In truth, technology based body sculpting procedures such as CoolSculpting and EMSculpt NEO are supplementary to a lifestyle of healthy eating and consistent exercise.

Both procedures work for sure, as backed up by thousands of case studies worldwide, but they are by no means magical machines. They do not change your body’s ability to store and burn excess calories. CoolSculpting and EMSculpt eliminates the existing fat cells but new fat stores can certainly form post-treatment if a patient doesn’t stay healthy. Exercising regularly and maintaining a balanced diet are among the ways you can maintain your body-sculpting results.


What is the Clique Body Transformation Plan?

As the human bodies are incredibly diverse, whether by size, shape, race/ethic and myriad of other factors and responses, it is imperative for a potential body-contouring patient to have a personal one-to-one session with our medical doctors. This session will determine the patient’s ultimate long-term body goal, and allow our doctors to assess the patient’s current body composition, health condition, mindset and lifestyle habits.

All these are key to a successful body transformation, be it merely skin tightening, spot-reducing body parts or as life-changing as dropping 15 kgs.

“We have seen it all over the decade. Some wanted a Kim Kardashian body, some desired the sleek shape they call the ‘IG-body’. Men covet rock hard abs but are frustrated that the 300 crunches they are doing daily aren’t popping the abs out. Ladies want to walk on the beach confidently in bikinis, but most of them want to look great in photos.

We also have patients who needed to drop the pounds for medical reasons. Whatever the goal may be, it is our duty to help them achieve it safely. To do that, we have to make sure that every potential body contouring patient understands his/her body and the current situation – the reality. Following that, we curate a body transformation plan to map out the journey from current to the patient’s end goal,” Josh stated.

“We will always advise our patients to not compare with others, but be realistic about their condition and the possibilities. Aim to be a better version of yourself,” Josh added.

This bespoke body transformation plan would consist of a timeline and small, incremental goals designed to achieve the patient’s desired body in a safe and realistic manner. Since body sculpting treatments such as Coolsculpting and EMSculpt NEO are not designed for major weight loss, patients that are obese are required to work with our nutritionalist and exercise trainer to shed the extra pounds. This can work concurrently with body sculpting tools such as Coolsculpting, EMSculpt NEO, EMTone and SculpSure.

Our body sculpting team would determine which combinations to start with and monitor the progress over months.


Components of the Clique Body Transformation Plan

If you want to sculpt, tone, and firm your entire body—including those pesky trouble spots—this is your ultimate blueprint:

  1. BMI
    This would be the basic number to start
    Clique SSTF - Slim Sculpt Tone Firm
  2. SSTF
    SSTF stands for SLIM, SCULP, TONE and finally FIRM.
    In the transformation journey of a body shape, you would first have to lose the fat (SLIM), SCULPT the excess stubborn fat (spot reduce fat), then TONE & FIRM the body so you will look healthy and fit.

    SLIM : Elipse Gastric Balloon, Redustim
    These procedures would work hand-in-hand with a diet plan by our nutritionist plus the exercise plan by our trainer.
    If medical intervention is required, we could introduce a hormonal approach as well as necessary medications for suppressing the appetite. All of this would be under our doctor’s strict observation. Losing weight can be challenging and emotionally distressing but with our guidance, our patients will be under steady and safe progress.

    SCULPT: CoolSculpting, WarmSculpting (SculpSure), truSculpt iD, EMSculpt NEO
    When a patient loses weight, the fat loss will not be proportional. You have the ability to get your body to burn extra calories but unfortunately, you have no control over which deposits of fat your body will lose in the process. Body sculpting technologies such as CoolSculpting, WarmSculpting (SculpSure), truSculpt iD and EMSculpt NEO allows you to target specific fat deposits and create an outline line of your body that is more symmetrical and pleasing to look at.

    TONE : EMSculpt NEO, EMTone
    This follows after the fat deposits are eliminated. Now we work on building more muscles. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat and if you want to enhance your calorie burn, consider stepping up your strength-training game. “Evidence shows that lifting weights burns more fat [than cardio exercise] and has more promising long-term results,” Josh says.

    EMSculpt NEO also has an added advantage since it is able to increase muscle gains. This device uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM™) energy combined with radio-frequency (RF) to trigger high levels of muscle contractions per minute, per body part in each 30 minutes session. This high level of muscle contractions, achieved in such a small time frame is not humanly possible yet it is perfectly safe. This pushes the muscles to achieve “supramaximal contractions”, a process that tears the muscle just right, so the muscles heal stronger and larger. This enables the muscle to handle “heavier” load in the future, much like how consistent weight lifting exercise builds stronger muscles.
    EMSculpt NEO helps for beer belly issues too.

    FIRM : EMSculpt NEO, Fotona TightSculpting
    After losing weight, it is possible that you may have loose skin and require body skin tightening. Address this by increasing your weight lifting exercises. Supplement your efforts with EMSculpt NEO and Fotona Tightsculpting.

    Who Is a good candidate for body sculpting procedures?
    It is important to have realistic expectations as to what kind of results you can achieve. You can’t rely on CoolSculpting, SculpSure, truSculpt iD or EMSculpt NEO to manage your weight as these are not treatments for obesity. The treatment works best for fit individuals who are very close to their ideal body shape and have a few problem areas that are resistant to the efforts of diet and exercise. We have patients who dropped 1-2 sizes after the procedure.

    Is CoolSculpting safe?
    So what are the risks that you need to know about before sitting down for the procedure?
    Given that the FDA approved CoolSculpting in 2010, you can rest assured that it is indeed a medically safe procedure. Likewise, EMSculpt NEO is FDA approved.

    Treatment Protocol:
    Patients often achieve their desired results in as little as one treatment per body part, but it is possible to schedule follow-up treatments around two months after the initial session. Josh, our Body Sculpting Director recommends 1 CoolSculpting session each week for 2 weeks, followed by 2 EMSculpt NEO sessions.
    If the patient has very loose skin or sagging skin, we recommend 2-3 sessions of EMTone.
    Patients will generally see measurable results in 1-3 months time.

    The fat cells are permanently removed. Patients are advised to adopt a healthier lifestyle and watch their food intake as remaining fat cells will increase in size and it can diminish the results that were achieved. So the results are permanent ONLY IF patients do not put on weight post-treatment.  In short, permanent fat reduction after CoolSculpting, SculpSure and EMSculpt NEO has to be maintained with a balanced lifestyle, which includes eating nutritious and portion-sized foods, keeping stress-levels low, exercise and getting enough sleep.

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