PicoSure is an unparalleled breakthrough in the world of laser aesthetic treatments for the skin and related issues. With the multiple benefits that the treatment offers, and the safety that it has compared to traditional techniques, it is truly unmatched.  

How does PicoSure treatment procedure start?

PicoSure starts by delivering ultra-short bursts of energy pulses into the skin in a pic second (one trillionth of a second). This is the reason it is also called as the Picosecond pulse. 

The energy bursts create a photochemical effect on the skin surface and subsurface to remove blemishes 

While traditional lasers go to the level of creating a photothermal reaction on the skin, PicoSure creates a deeper photomechanical effect which gives better results in just a few sittings. 

What parts of the body is it useful on?

PicoSure treatment is used for treating facial skin issues like acne scars, blemishes, sunburns, melasma, etc. 

However, the technique can also be used on certain other body parts for the purpose of tattoo removal. 

Additionally, it is now also being considered highly effective for facial rejuvenation and skin tightening purposes. 

How many treatments are required with PicoSure laser?

The number and intensity of treatment required by an individual depend on various factors like:

  • Skin issue being treated
  • Age
  • Type of skin

For example, skin smoothening and rejuvenation can be achieved in one sitting. Very often, people find time out of their usual workday to get a sitting for treating mild spots or regular skin smoothening. 

Stubborn dark spots and tattoos can require multiple sittings to completely treat. 

When considering skin tightening or wrinkle removal, the target is to stimulate the skin cells to start producing collagen. This may take upto a month of intermittent sittings to show effect. 

Final words

The groundbreaking technology of PicoSure has shown tremendous results that are similar to other non-ablative lasers but with the added benefit of reduced preparation time.  

The fact that the treatment takes very little downtime and has significantly low side effects (like skin redness, etc) makes it super convenient for the users. 


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