Lighter side of things…

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Living in a multilingual society we are bound to encounter some pretty funny incidences related to language. Very commonly we encounter the Malaysian English or Manglish where some of the phrases are directly translated from the original language. Here are a list of funny bloopers that have occurred as part of our daily interaction at Clique Clinic.

1. “Many many meats”

These incident occurred during Coolsculpting consultation and assessment. Coolsculpting is a treatment which is able to target and treat subcutaneous fats. Part of the Coolsculpting assessment involved pinching the concerned area to determine if the area is suitable for treatment.

During one such consultation, a colleague blurted out that the areas with “many meat” would be the most suitable for this treatment, referring of course to the amount of pinchable subcutaneous fat…

No offense meant to the patient, it was just a direct translation from Chinese.

2. “Open the machine”

Some of the treatment machines require some warm up time. Of course to save time and to smoothen the flow of traffic it would require one of us to start the machine earlier, prior to the treatment.

One such incident occurred when after a consultation, one of our beauty therapists instructed her colleague to “open the Coolsculpting machine”.

The colleague was perplexed, before he started looking for a screwdriver…

3. “Vibrator”

We practice using a vibrating massager as part of pain management during some of our procedures, such as dermal filler injections. This massager produces vibrations that can be placed on the forehead or temple to distract the patient from focusing too much on the injection, and therefore reduce the discomfort.

During one of the treatments, the patient was rather unsettled when one of our doctors said to the assisting staff,“please bring the vibrator for the patient”…

Imagine her relief when she discovered it was just an innocent vibrating massager!

4. “Topi Keledek”

One of the treatments for Alopecia involve the use of a helmet that emits lasers to promote hair growth. This device is to be placed on the scalp and left on for approximately 30-45 minutes three times a week for it to work.

Because of the similarity in appearance to a motorcycle riding safety helmet, known in Bahasa Malaysia as “Topi Keledar”, one of our staff made a blooper and referred to it as “Topi Keledek”.

Keledek is the Malay language for sweet potatoes…

Coolsculpting Clinic KL Malaysia